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Top 10 Wedding Cake Trends for 2017 by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

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The Wedding Journal spoke to Elizabeth from Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium who shared her top 10 wedding cake trends for 2017…

It’s such an amazing time to be a luxury wedding cake maker right now.  The diversity of wedding cake styles and the trend for personalisation and individualisation means that every bride can have (and eat!) her dream wedding cake. Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium has a global reputation for innovation and originality and we pride ourselves on making sure that every wedding cake design is custom made to suit each client and occasion.

I believe 2017 is set to bring even more incredible wedding cake designs and flavours. According to Vogue Magazine, audacity is the watchword for 2017. This is something we have noticed as brides are becoming quite bold in their flavour choices. Flavour pairing to match menu flavour profiles has been going on for a while, with ombre cakes being all the rage a few years ago. Now, complimentary cake flavours such as peaches and cream, salted caramel, rose and pistachio, white chocolate and passion fruit, and even pink champagne and strawberries are very much in demand.

With the current wedding cake landscape ranging from lavish fairytale inspired wedding cakes to sleek geometric designs, you will be hard pressed to pick a favourite…

Fairytale Inspired


Inspired by films such as Disney’s Cinderella, fairytale cakes have always been popular for little girls’ birthday parties. However, cakes such as castle cakes have evolved into very sophisticated sugar constructions complete with edible turrets, battlements and moats!

Geode Wedding Cakes


You don’t have to be a geography buff to love the aesthetic of a cutting edge geode wedding cake. In nature, geode begins when a hollow cavity is formed in a spherical rock. It then becomes lined with crystals through a process involving carbon dioxide, water and cooling molten lava.

Mimicking nature, geode wedding cakes are created by carving off portions of wedding cake tiers and then decorating the resulting cavity with different sized and textured crystallised sugars.

Whimsical Wedding Cakes


We love out of the box wedding cake ideas for couples who like everything quirky and unique. These wedding cakes provide a visual treat and talking point at weddings and reflect the couple’s whimsical side.

Geometric Wedding Cakes


Geometric patterns have been making their way onto wedding cakes for a few years now. From hexagons, squares, triangles and intricate mosaics, these designs are for the modern bride who wants a clean, cool and edgy look.

Opulent Dessert Tables


In Opulencia land, one cake isn’t enough. Our brides adore the fact that we create beautiful one of a kind cakescapes. There is a demand for different sized cakes in complementary colours and textures, with the spaces in between the cakes filled with even more delicious treats such as macaroons, cupcakes, cake pops, cake bars, eclairs and doughnuts;  all fitting around a central opulent theme.

We predict that in 2017 the demand for opulent dessert tables will continue to grow.

Gorgeous Metallics


We’ve always prided ourselves on pushing the boundaries at Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium and more so when it comes to the use of metallics. The use of gold and silver leaf is waning with copper, rose gold and champagne gold on the increase.

Botanical Wedding Cakes



Greenery, foliage and plants are playing a HUGE role in wedding décor with Mother Nature staging a floralscape take over in 2017. From lush table runners to chandeliers, florists are creating the most stunning and fresh looks for weddings.  Taking inspiration from this, botanicals wedding cakes are being adorned with the most realistic sugar foliage and plants such as succulents and cactus to match the décor.

Painted Wedding Cakes


Hand painted cakes are the perfect way to personalise a wedding cake. Pretty florals, ombre watercolours, favourite quotes, monograms and even modern art can be painted on wedding cakes to create something very unique.

Tall Wedding Cakes


The demand for huge wedding cakes is still going strong.  This is something we see with our Russian, Chinese, Indonesian, Lebanese, Arab, Greek, Asian and African brides. As some of them tend to have huge numbers at their weddings, it makes sense that the cake needs to make an impact and is large enough to feed guests generously.

Marble Effect


Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to heat and pressure. Occurring in different colours, shapes and sizes, it is commonly used in sculpting and construction. The distinctive swirly patterns can be reproduced in sugar paste to create the stone finish of minimalist cakes which is perfect for a chic and modern wedding.

Aside from being one of the most photographed things at the event, the wedding cake is also the only guest to have its own table, so this edible centrepiece is worth the investment! Visit to view more of our delicious award winning cakes and opulent dessert tables.

Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium is a multi award winning cake company with a reputation for innovation and excellence. Their recently published book, OPULENCIA, is available to buy on Amazon.