Creating your list is easy...

  • Looking to start a wedding list? Simply follow the instructions on the ‘create a wedding list’ page, this simple process will take no longer than just a few moments to get started.

  • Personalise your list by giving it your own chosen name and leave a greeting for your guests to read when they purchase gifts from your list.

  • Whether public or private is preferred, you have the option to create a list password for your guests. Your guests are able to view your chosen gifts, and if you wish to have any gift cards purchased for you.

  • Once you have completed the registration process you will be given your unique wedding list number. A personal wedding list coordinator will be appointed to help you with your complete wedding list journey.

Those special gifts you will always treasure...

  • Filling your wedding list with the gifts you love couldnt be any easier, simply select 'Add Items' from your wedding list. You will then be able to use the Amara Online Shop in 'Wedding list mode' by clicking the browse button or using the search facility.

  • Once you have found a product you like, click ‘add to list’ from the product page. This will populate your wedding list automatically with all the products you desire.

  • At any time when you feel ready to take a look at the progress you’ve made so far, simply press ‘finish adding items’ at the top of the page. You will automatically shown an overview of all the products you have added to your wedding list.

  • If you wish to amend any quantities or have changed your mind on any products, you can edit your wedding list easily by logging into your list.

Simple for you & your guests...

  • When you feel ready to announce your wedding list to your guests, you can notify them with inserts to go inside your wedding invitations. We can provide these inserts that are personalised with your unique wedding list number.

  • Your wedding guests will find it straight forward to purchase those perfect gifts from your list. By following the on screen instructions on the ‘Buy a gift’ page, they can enter in your unique list number and discover your gifts.

  • To make sure your guests find purchasing simple, they can telephone our bridal registry department who will happily take them through the ordering process and find a gift in their comfortable price range.

  • Check your wedding list at any time to see what gifts have been purchased from your list, by who and their gift message to you.

Now you're happily married

  • At your convienience you can review your list and decide if you want to keep all of the gifts purchased or if you would like to exchange any for alternative products. Your list coordinator can gladly help you to make these amendments.

  • At this time if you wish to complete any outstanding collections or if you particularly want an unpurchased item, please speak to your wedding list coordinator who can offer you a special discount.

  • Delivery of all your gifts will be arranged at a time and place convienient to you, making your start to married life a stress free, relaxing one!

  • Receive gifts and live happily ever after...

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Amara bridal registry department: