With over 200 years of experience, Revol know a thing or two about porcelain creation. They combine performance and design to


Porcelain company Revol can trace their roots as far back as the 18th century where the Revol family, made up of generations of manufacturers, traders, merchants and master potters, built numerous pottery studios. In 1768 Pierre Revol moved to the southeast of France and Ponsas to marry fellow pottery descendant Magdeleine Carrier, before the pair began working with the unique soil the region had to offer. It was here the brand was born.

Managed by nine generations of the same family the company boasts over 200 years of experience in porcelain creation. The soil of southeast France contains superior clays and sands along with deposits of Kaolin, in short allowing for more resistant pieces to be crafted that are also flame proof.

Specializing in culinary porcelain Revol continuously strive to re-envision the one perfect dish every household searches for. They produce over 4 million pieces of porcelain every year that are exported across 84 different countries, from the United States of America to China. Combining performance and design each, product helps to create meals and food that can be enjoyed by the eyes as well as the taste buds, whilst numerous stages of their production remain carried out by hand. From chic cups to elegant baking dishes, Revol’s products are sure to uplift any home they are placed in.

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