Summer Loving: Get The Villa Look At Home

White living room with blue and green pillows

Summer is officially here. And if your idea of bliss is relaxing in a light & airy spot surrounded by blue skies and even bluer water but that’s not on the cards this year, how about bringing the holiday home? With our villa interior ideas you can create a sun kissed look at home no matter what the weather is doing outside…

Start With A Blank Canvas

White bedroom with green blanket

The easiest way to achieve a bright and breezy look is with a crisp white base. Nothing beats the sun bouncing off bright white, it’s the perfect backdrop for any villa interior. It’ll add instant brightness and space to your home and you’ll find it’ll open up even the most modest of spaces. If your walls aren’t a blank canvas don’t fret, focus on bringing crisp white linens or furniture in to create your base.

Don’t Forget a Pop of Color

White bathroom with colorful striped towels
White bathroom with colorful striped towels

With all this light and lofty space you’re going to need some colour. And the brighter and bolder the better. Splash your favourite shades around with cushions, throws and accessories and don’t worry about clashing. These pops of colour will contrast beautifully with your clean and crisp base and add some personality where you want it most. Focus on bright shades to really make the room pop.

Easy Breezy Style

hurricanes and lanterns on bench

Villas are all about ease. So take a relaxed approach when it comes to decorating and try not to overdo. Think laid-back draping and perfectly imperfect placements. And don’t be afraid to curate an eclectic mix; the whole idea is to take a step back from coordination and don’t stress about matching everything. So be inspired by the easy-going nature of far flung destinations and embrace Riviera living.

Holiday Home Comforts

Green living room with leaf wallpaper
Image courtesy of FollowTheFlow / Adobe Stock

If you’re not blessed with tropical climates it’s important to keep your home comforts near. Don’t be afraid to artfully drape a few throws and cosy cushions to bring the snuggle factor. Go for bright colours, playful prints and unique textures to keep the tropical vibe at the heart of your scheme. This way you can have all the fun and style of a summer getaway, even if the weather outside isn’t agreeing with you.

Bring the Indoors Out

Pink sofa outside
Image courtesy of Mihalis A. / Adobe Stock

The best part of villa life? The outdoors. It’s all about bringing those indoor comforts out and enjoying the great outdoors (weather permitting). So what are you waiting for? Scatter some outdoor cushions, lay out a picnic blanket and lounge in style. You don’t need to go far to really enjoy the great outdoors.