What’s Trending for Interiors? The Top Pinterest Trends for 2019

wooden chair colorful background

At the end of each year, Pinterest, the home of inspiration announces their predictions of what they think will be trending for the months to come. Spanning numerous industries from travel, to fashion, the Pinterest 100 showcases the searches which have grown the most in these sectors and we’ll therefore be seeing everywhere in the year ahead. One of these sections is of course the home, so we thought we’d take a look at what the hottest Pinterest interior trends for 2019 are…

Not so Mellow Yellow

Mustard made it big across all design industries this year and was spotted everywhere from walls to clothes. Rich yet vibrant, the sumptuous colour traverses the seasons looking perfectly at home in the depths of winter and the heat of summer, so it looks like its set to stay in 2019. Searches are up 45% for mustard yellow, so now’s your chance to add a pop of the hue to the home.

Getting Hot Under the Collar

living room with fireplace

Interiors will really heat up this year in the form of fireplaces both inside and out. With searches of contemporary fireplaces up 763%, it shows that cosy features are very much in vogue but people are looking for a modern twist on the traditional ornate versions.

Touchable Textures

Tassled wallhanging

Not just for throws, cushions and sofas, one of the latest trends is textiles for your walls too. Whether in the form of textile wall coverings or just some chic textile wall features, the search term ‘textile art’ is up a whopping 1718%. If you aren’t up for linen walls, what about a rustic textile wall hanging instead?

Get Creative with Cacti

Assorted plants and cacti

Cacti have been a firm feature in the interior world for a while now and with searches of cactus arrangements up 235%, it looks like they aren’t going anywhere soon. Whether real or faux, a single cactus on its own or your very own cacti garden, it’s time to bring these sharp succulents to the home – just watch your fingers!

Tinspirational Design

textured tin tiles
Margrit Hirsch/AdobeStock.com

Beautifully patterned or intricately laid tiles of all shapes and styles have been a staple interior trend for decades now with a new design on the block each year. This year is the year of the pressed tin tile, these beauties whether in a shiny or worn, rustic finish have littered Pinterest in past months and searches for tin interiors are up 563%.

For the Love of Geo

roller painting a geometric pattern

Block colour walls are so last year, it’s all about painting eye-catching designs in 2019. Geometric designs are still a firm favourite for this year and are a top choice if you’re looking to get creative with your wall colour with the search term geometric paint up 225%.

Grow Up

living plant wall
Blindturtle/ Adobestock.com

Gardens are on the rise this year, literally, with searches for vertical gardens up 287%. A fabulous way to add greenery to smaller gardens or even courtyards and balconies, these leafy walls have been flowering all over the place.

Paint the Old, Don’t Pay for New

painted floor tiles

If you’re tired of your old flooring don’t throw it, paint it. Searches for painted floor tiles are up 1276% showing homeowners’ upcycling prowess is on the rise. So refresh any dingy floor space with hardwearing tile paint and if you’re feeling particularly creative you can even add stencil designs too.

… But Paper’s In, Paint’s Out for Walls

Botanical wallpaper

We’re back to walls again for this trend which demonstrates further that drab block colours are in the past and pattern is the way forward. This trend saw that paint itself could start taking a back seat and with searches for bold print wallpaper up 401%.

natural swimming pool

A swimming pool at home is the dream for many of us, but this year as the focus turns to using less environment damaging chemicals the searches for natural swimming pools has seen a rise of 262%. Using plants to filter the water instead of harsh chlorine, these pools beautifully blend with their natural surroundings.