Scandi Colors: Is it Time to Step Away from the Gray?

scandi living room

It’s 2019. Everyone is in organisational overdrive, textured walls are having a moment, and Scandi styling is peppered with pared-back hues. That’s right, this year we’re stepping away from the whites and greys and adding a little Scandi colour into our homes. Are you ready? Let us introduce you to the new shades on the block…

Pared-Back Pastels

pink velvet chair
yellow sofa

Forget the sickly-sweet tones of your childhood, pastels are growing up in 2019. Scandi design is known for its simplicity. From furniture to home accessories, minimalist forms and clean lines make up the body of most Scandi interiors, and this uncomplicated aesthetic lends itself well to pastel hues. Soft pinks, muted greens and barely-there blues should make up the bulk of this look, but if you’re feeling brave a splash of gentle yellow may be the awakening your interior needs. Keep the scheme simple and have fun with colour; a cushion here, a vase there. This year make your home pretty in pastel.

Dusty Desert Hues

gray sofa in pink room
red pillows and wall hanging

If pastels aren’t your thing, look to the warming hues of the desert. Sun-baked beige, terracotta & earthy reds cut through a cold interior like the first ray of sun on a spring morning. And they’re perfect for awakening your Scandi setting. The key here is not to go too bright, these colours shouldn’t overpower your space: think sepia-toned instead of bold. Experiment by layering cushions and throws, and once you’re feeling confident take the look beyond the sofa. A warming sand-coloured rug, clay-red textured wall art, even bring the dusty desert hues to your walls with a toned-down tan. If a colour makes you feel warm inside, you’re on the right track.

Warming Wood Tones

yellow room with plant pots
gray room with blue pillow

It wouldn’t be Scandi without exposed wood & natural materials. Although it’s subtle, wooden furniture is vital for bringing warmth and texture into a home. And no Scandi setting is complete without it. Light timbers, rustic pines and ash and beech woods each bring a different shade into a space, creating the cosy cabin look that we so often associate with Scandi settings. The key to choosing the right woods for your Nordic nook is to keep the colour light and the finish matt. The rest is up to you.

Go Green

pink chair in gray room
bench in hallway

The Danish are considered some of the happiest people in the world, so it should come as no surprise that they fill their homes with fresh foliage. Known to deter illnesses, boost healing and clear the air, houseplants are one of the simplest ways to bring life – and colour- into your home. Keep it simple with luscious greenery or embrace colourful leaves; the deep jewel tones of the purple passion plant or the sunset reds & yellows of the croton plant are two of our favourites. Not gifted with green fingers? Take a look at our top 10 houseplants you can’t kill.

neutral room with plant
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