Orange Interiors: The Hottest Color of the Season

Sep 15, 2022

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From vibrant citrus shades to muted peach tones and rich terracotta hues, take a sip from this year’s juiciest trend, and discover our top tips on how to incorporate orange into your interior...

Peel-Good Pigments

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Associated with warmth and positivity, orange combines the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Evoking feelings of adventure and frivolity, this eye-catching shade connects us back to our inner-child and promotes an overall sense of wellness.

Representing fire in the ancient concept of Feng Shui, orange is sacred in India and the color of spirituality and peace for Buddhists. For others, think delicious citrus fruits, summer sunsets, or cozy autumn evenings. Orange goes beyond the seasons and offers a sense of optimism throughout the year.

Freshly-Squeezed Style

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Beautifully bold albeit a little overwhelming sometimes, this juicy color can be a little tricky to work with but makes the perfect statement when done right. If you’re not sure where to begin, start by filtering different hues throughout your home with vases filled with your favorite flowers, vibrant pictures and prints scattered across a gallery wall, or even with an uplifting tablescape boasting double-concentrated shades of burnt sienna and pale peach tones.

Feeling more adventurous? Update your walls with terracotta tones to create an inviting space reminiscent of Mediterranean architecture and colorful sunsets.

Emma Jane Palin
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Orange is a fun and vibrant hue that gives a nod to the 70s but can be brought up to date with a contemporary color palette of soft pinks and dark blues. It can look quite kitsch when used with a lot of patterns, but by adding texture such as cord, velvet, or sheepskin, you can easily modernize the look. I use it as a statement pop of color in my home, adding touches via bed linen, pillows and smoked amber glassware.” - Emma Jane Palin

A-Peeling Palettes

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More versatile than you might think, orange comes in a plethora of shades allowing it to pair perfectly with a range of colors. Mix in golden ocher, candy pinks and deep red with wooden furniture and soft lighting to create a warmer look or use cooler, contrasting colors such as olive green or blue to tone down the space.

A Zest for Retro

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A decade defined by wall-to-wall shag carpets, pop-art prints, and curves in all the right places, the iconic flair of the 1970s is back and better than ever.

Orange was a key player in ‘70s interior style. A velvet armchair finished in a rich terracotta tone provides the perfect nod to the hippie era without overpowering a room. Alternatively, a sea of pillows boasting orange tones, shaggy textures, and graphic prints styled with retro accessories will bring just the right amount of flower power to your pad.

Feeling inspired? Squeeze the day with our full collection of orange homeware and accessories...

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