Be Bold: How to Nail the Maximalism Trend

A trend with no rules nor limits, maximalism has been circling the globe for centuries. Throughout history, the wealthy have practiced the art of maximalism by showcasing their riches and lavish collections. Known for its more-is-more aesthetic, maximalism is all about pushing the boundaries. Whether you want to dip your toes in or dive right in, discover how you can nail the maximalism trend in your interior...

Shake Up Your Space

Defined by playful patterns, contrasting color palettes and an abundance of decorative accessories, maximalism can be tricky but works wonderfully when it’s done right. If you’re not quite ready to commit, introducing some statement colors or unusual accessories to your home is a great place to start.

Have a neutral interior? Think of each room as a blank canvas. Update your pillowscape with a few weird and wonderful pillows or wow your guests at your next dinner party with beautifully bold tableware.

Banish Beige Walls

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Looking for a big style update? Then it’s time to get the paint brushes out and let loose, however, if you’re choosing to be bold then it’s important to choose colors that bring you joy. Lover of deep tones? Keep it cozy with navy blue hues and deep forest greens but make sure to uplift the room with vibrant accessories. Prefer color? From rich orange hues to blushing pinks and sunshine yellows, pick your perfect tone and go wild.

If getting the paint brushes out isn’t an option, then opting for big and bold furniture and large statement rugs is a perfect way to draw attention away from those bare walls.

Enter a World of Pure Imagination

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The art of maximalism is to embrace the chaos. Transform your house into your very own cabinet of curiosities through your collection of home accessories, knick-knacks, and ornaments, no theme required. Clash floral bed linen with geometric pillows or mix-and-match bathroom accessories for a truly unique look. Those pictures and prints you’ve collected over the years? Pop them in some frames and create a cascading gallery wall up the stairs. The more really is the merrier, and the more you play around, the more confident you will get.

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