11 Stylish Ways To Decorate Your Children's Bedroom

May 18, 2021

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It’s no surprise that children spend a lot of time in their bedroom. Used for sleeping, playing and working, their space should be a reflection of their little personalities. With so many colors, textures and prints to play with, it's easy to get lost in the world of children’s interiors.

To help, we asked 11 experts to share their favorite children's bedrooms, as well as their best tips when decorating for your little (or big) one. Stylish, practical, fun, cozy and comfortable – our children’s bedroom decorating ideas will keep the kids happy, from toddler to teen and all ages in-between.

1. Don't Feel Restricted to Just Pink or Blue

monochrome nursery
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When thinking about how to decorate your nursery, you might naturally be pulled towards choosing a pink or blue theme. However, Steph Withers, Founder and Editor for Chalk Kids, says that taking a gender-neutral approach is both on-trend and practical.

When it comes to children’s decor, my eye is always drawn to white, airy rooms with playful details to add warmth and color," she says. "Jenson’s gender-neutral nursery is a perfect example of this, with his sweet ladybug bedding and special wooden toys out on display. There’s space to let him play unrestricted, with kid-friendly stylish storage boxes to tidy away any clutter afterwards. It’s also a room that can easily grow with him for years to come.

2. Add in Grown-Up Elements

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"Just because it's a children's room, doesn't mean you can't add in touches of grown-up style", says Nancy Straughan, Organic Fabrics and Eco-Friendly Homeware specialist.

I love the idea of having photography of baby animals in a kid’s room. It’s just the right amount of cuteness whilst still feeling a little grown-up. I’m a big fan of Middle Eastern textiles and I really like a colored Persian rug or a monochrome block-printed throw.

3. Create a Space to Make You Smile

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Whether it's playful, peaceful or practical, making sure that your little one's nursery makes you and them happy is essential for Interior Blogger, Jen Littlebirdie.

I adore a nursery that is simple, bright and happy – this space made me smile the second I spotted it. From the clean white walls and illustrations on the walls, to the cozy chair with a blanket for feeding or cuddles, it’s my idea of a gorgeous room. It’s perfect for a boy’s or girl's room and a space that they can grow into too.

4. Make it Their Unique Space

childs bedroom with blue rug
Jacinda Malloy

"Even if you have two children sharing a bedroom, making sure that the room is designed around both their personalities is essential as they move from the toddler to child phase", says Interior Stylist, Jacinda Malloy.

When I started Benji’s room, it was all about getting to know him. Benji has a twin brother so I wanted to make sure when designing their rooms that their different personalities were expressed. I soon found out that Benji’s favorite color was blue, so blue was a must. I also found out that Benji was interested in travel, the world, and had a very inquisitive mind. These two details were then the theme for my design.

5. Choose a Design That Won't Date

child's bedroom
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"Kids are a great joy of family life", says Interior Blogger Sarah Hayford. "But one thing that can be difficult is decorating a bedroom of someone that grows so quickly before your eyes".

Although choosing a pirate or fairytale design may seem like a great idea at first, sticking to something a little plainer will help the room to grow with your child. I’m really big on gender-neutral design and looking at this room, you wouldn’t be able to tell whether it was a girl's or boy's bedroom.

6. Keep it Comfortable

Breton striped child's bed linen
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"As well as being a child's independent space, it's also the place where they get all-important sleep, so comfort is key", says Interior Blogger Geraldine Tan. "My 8-year-old son’s room is a modern Breton-themed bedroom".

I made sure that a cozy feel is maintained, with the soft throw on the bed for bedtime tucking-in and the pillow for casual lounging. Everything is positioned conveniently, such as the comforting bedside light, an accessible bedside table for his drink and storage below his table for toys.

7. Mix Up The Accessories

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When looking for bedroom ideas to upgrade her little boy's room with, Lifestyle Blogger Lara Jarvis turned to accessories to keep the design fresh.

I knew I wanted to design something which would be able to grow with him over the years. The basis of the room is classic stars and stripes, which means we can mix up the accessories as his tastes change. Taking inspiration from our travels around America and their comic book stores, we used bright red as an accent color against grays and whites with hand-painted elements that kept the room cute and playful.

8. Take Advantage of Clever Storage

kids storage
Lorena Canals

Interior Designer and Director Rosie Kinsella believes that the key to a successful kid’s bedroom design is clever storage.

Make storage practical, accessible and easy to use. Encourage children to have an input into the color scheme or theme, if they have a hand in how it is planned and arranged, then they are more likely to take pride in keeping it organized and tidy. Baskets, trays, cupboards with doors and drawers are all good options.

9. Choose Your Bed Carefully

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Whether it's twin beds, bunk beds or even a bed with a kid desk underneath it, choosing the right bed is essential for keeping your child comfortable and safe. "We chose a daybed," says Lifestyle Blogger Jenny Taylor. "It has underneath drawer storage for his clothes and a pull out bed that can be used if there's a sleepover."

Kids enjoy space to roam free so I don’t like it to be cluttered too much with more furniture. My son doesn’t have a dresser as we have plenty of space in these drawers under his bed and in his wardrobe. This leaves more space for his toys and room to play.

10. Give Teens Space to Work

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"As children grow into teenagers and their studies become more serious, a good desk becomes essential", says Interior Stylist Carla Jones.

A desk will be the center point of a teen girl’s bedroom, from homework and study to using it as a dressing table. A white desk will suit any bedroom scheme, is low cost and easy to maintain. Personal space is so important as a teen, so add her own style by accessorizing with a funky chair design, a bright pattern blanket and some colorful desk tidies.

11. Add Special, Memorable Features

football themed bedroom
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"A school uniform chair would be a truly special feature for any child or teenager’s room," says Designer Sarah Burghard

I think this is a wonderfully quirky design that features a fabulous twist on a special part of your child or teenager’s life, making sure that the memories of their happiest years live on forever. Custom-designed chairs, lampshades, pillows and wallpaper designs are a fantastic addition to any child’s bedroom and provide high quality, extremely comfortable pieces that will make your bedroom design truly unique and memorable.