How to Style Blue in Your Interior

Feb 10, 2022

blue bedroom

From powder blues, warm inky tones, and dusty denims, blue is a versatile shade that’s been used in interior design for hundreds of years. So versatile in fact that it can almost be classed as a neutral, a bit like your favorite pair of jeans, working beautifully with most colors from classic white and blush pink to mustard yellow, burnt orange and many more.

Whether it’s because of the sea or the sky, its soothing effect works wonders on our mood. Promoting peace, tranquility, and serenity, using the right shade of blue can create the perfect atmosphere in any room, whatever your needs.

Keep it Classic

blue and natural bedroom
Jonathan Adler

The most popular look, blue and white are a match made in heaven perfect for dipping your toes into. Bright, breezy, and timeless, this refreshing combination is a treat for our senses. Inspired by the French Riviera, try layering blue bed linen with crisp white sheets to create a calming sleeping space or swap out traditional white tableware with a soft blue hue for an effortlessly elegant table setting.

Dive into the Deep End

navy living room /

In The Deep End

Keen to dive right into the deep end? Why not adorn your walls with an inky midnight shade? These rich, moody hues promote a luxurious, cozy feeling. Freshen up the space with blush pink furnishings for a more delicate finish or opt for shiny brass accents to create an extra glamorous space.

Reach for the Sky

pale blue wall with wicker chair

If you’re not fully committed to the dark side, try brightening up your space with perkier pops of blue. An instant way to transport your home into a balmy Greek island, cool blues are deeply invigorating, refreshingly laid-back and something you’ll never get bored of. Try pairing brilliant blue tones with natural accessories such as rattan, linen, and wood for a grown-up beachy look.

Mix it Up

white and blue bedroom
William Yeoward

Pairing different shades of blue together is an instant way to create depth in the home. Scatter your sofa with powder blue and teal pillows alongside a deep indigo rug and coordinated curtains. Swap out crystal-clear vases with blue alternatives filled with your favorite florals or place an icy blue lampshade on a sapphire ceramic base.

Whatever shade you decide to tango with, splashing out on beautiful blue accents will give your home a timeless look you’ll never tire of. Shop our full collection of beautiful blue homeware and accessories. Not feeling blue? Discover our expert guide on how to use color in your home to find the right shade for you and your space.

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