19 Blissful Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas

May 14, 2021

White Scandi bedroom
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When it comes to deciding on bedroom color schemes, there are lots of aspects to take into account. Should you create a calming atmosphere or a glamorous residence? Does the room need accentuating, or would a cozy color palette suit it best? Are you looking to fashion a feminine boudoir, a bachelor pad or something a little more gender-neutral?

Whether you're choosing a color scheme for your master bedroom, guest bedroom or child’s bedroom, there are plenty of unique ways to style your interior. From clean, neutral color palettes to bold and beautiful ones, our interior experts have provided us with lots of bedroom color scheme ideas.

Dark Color Schemes

Green Bedroom
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Dark Green

The bedroom is a very important room in any home. It’s the place where you go to recharge your batteries after a busy day and relax both physically and mentally. A bedroom shouldn’t be a place just for sleep, but somewhere that stimulates the imagination. So while white or beige might be a great bedroom color scheme, I for one, am fascinated with darker colors. The main reason is simple: anything you place on a dark backdrop will pop out and create a wonderful contrast, such as vibrant and colorful pieces of furniture, accessories, curtains, art, etc. - Raluca Vaduva, Interior Designer

Black & White Bedroom
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Black & White

Although a minimalist Scandi style is all the rage right now, for me, my bedroom is my boudoir and that’s the vibe I try to create when decorating it. Although neutral colors and contemporary bedroom furniture are popular for their relaxing qualities, I much prefer to let my personality run wild in my own space. I love vintage glamour and strong colors, so my bedroom replicates that. I went for a monochrome theme with intricate attention to detail. - Lily Kitten, Lifestyle Blogger

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Rich Blue & Dusky Pink

When it comes to interiors, I'd usually say that I love light, bright and airy rooms best. But when it comes to bedroom colors, I prefer a darker space to relax in. I just love this rich blue wall, which looks so peaceful and tranquil and is ideal to help you switch off after a long day. The dusty rose bedding and light gray pillows give this room the perfect balance of light and dark, with flowers adding life to what could be quite a dark corner. A sanctuary away from the rest of the world! - Lyndsay Gardner, Lifestyle Blogger

Blue Bed
Meera Pendred

Navy Blue, Gray & White

To balance drama with restfulness in a bedroom, I believe in choosing one bold color and keeping the rest of the palette restrained with calming tones. The main color in my bedroom comes from my blue bed, and I have bedding and curtains in shades of gray and white to create a serene and cozy space. A little greenery brings life and a touch of gold elevates the decor. If I fancy a seasonal refresh, it’s easy to add pillows or flowers in soft pink, coral or mustard shades. - Meera Pendred, Interior Blogger

Indigo, Gold & Red
Black Parrots

Indigo, Gold & Red

Painting the bedroom in dark colors adds glamour and a feeling of being enveloped in the room. This color palette is perfect for a bedroom; so perfect, I used it in my own home! The dark indigo is the color of the night sky, making it a great color to sleep under and the perfect partner for the warm gold tones of the wardrobes opposite. The turquoise and red accents are small but essential touches as they lift the blue and tobacco colors to create the perfect balance. - Black Parrots, Interior Design Studio

Dark blue, Dusky Pink and Gray
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Dark Blue, Dusky Pink & Gray

The key to creating a color scheme for a bedroom is balance. This scheme includes dark, inky blues, which create a sense of drama, warmth and anticipation. They are balanced beautifully with muted and soft pastel pinks and grays. The addition of natural, woven, rattan and ceramic accessories make the room feel homey, with a sense of connection to nature. Overall, the color scheme works really well because it includes a balance of light against dark, smooth against textured and soft against hard, making it feel restful and balanced. - Jo Chrobak, Architectural and Interior Designer

Neutral Color Schemes

Neutral Bedroom

Neutral and Metallic

My bedroom is my sanctuary. For me, it has always been my safe haven and somewhere I can just disappear into. I think my neutral color scheme of white, beige, and metallic highlights creates a truly relaxing sanctuary. I like to incorporate different textures into the room too, from wool blankets to rich cotton bedding. - Lauren Ackroyd, Lifestyle Blogger

White and Gold Bedroom

White and Gold

My bedroom was designed around my favorite color – white. In here, though, I have a few shades of white. My vintage French creamy white bed with gold leaf accents and carved florals takes center stage. Everything else is delicate and pretty, creating a serene space. I replace the fresh flowers weekly after a visit to my local farmer’s market. - Jordana Garbati, Lifestyle Blogger

Natural Wood, White & Green

The bedroom is the one space I am most muted in my color choices, I think calm and gentle tones make it easier to switch off from the outside world. I like pared-back uncluttered bedrooms with a Scandinavian vibe, so I have accented it with natural woods, plants, natural materials and monochrome bed linen and accessories. The floor is painted in an inky black which is great for giving depth to the lighter colors used in the rest of the room. - Ruth Matthews, Interior Blogger

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Cream, Brown & Blush Pink

Soft, sensual and sophisticated, the neutral color palette of creams, soft browns, dove grays, blush pinks and occasional gold accents help create an elegant, calm and feminine interior. - Lotte Brouwer, Interior Blogger

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Neutral Gray & Wood

I think a bedroom is room that should really reflect us as individuals and should be far less about peer pressure and trends; visitors don’t tend to spend much time in our places of rest, bedrooms should be a place of sanctuary, somewhere we go at the end of a tough day to relax and wind down to get a good night’s sleep, and so should be selfishly embraced as our own personal space. This room (home of the Swedish interior stylist Johanna Laven) is both calm and refreshing but still manages to be cozy and intimate with the use of beautiful textiles and art. - Rowan, Grace & Favor

Tessa Neustadt

Cool Blue & Gray

For our master bedroom, I wanted it to be calm, relaxing yet not boring. Working in the digital world means we are constantly mixing things up in and around my house, but for my bedroom I wanted it to be a retreat at the end of the day. Mixing the cooler tones of blue, green, and gray with small graphic hits of graphic black peppered throughout made it the perfect place for me to catch some ZZZ’s every night. - Emily Henderson, Blogger

Gray Color Schemes

Grey is not boring! I love how warm and inviting a grey bedroom can be. It can be both cosy and calming all at once. This example demonstrates how you can layer different shades of grey, making use of textures, to create a bedroom that is tranquil and definitely not boring. This bedroom has accents of white and gold, but it’s all about those textures of grey. Notice the linen, wool, faux fur against the wood, metal, and glass. It’s a neutral palette with interest which is the ultimate luxury for me. - Elizabeth Dhokia

Multi-tonal Gray

Gray is not boring! I love how warm and inviting a gray bedroom can be. It can be both cozy and calming all at once. This example demonstrates how you can layer different shades of gray, making use of textures, to create a bedroom that is tranquil and definitely not boring. This bedroom has accents of white and gold, but it’s all about those textures of gray. Notice the linen, wool, and faux fur against the wood, metal, and glass. It’s a neutral palette with interest which is the ultimate luxury for me. - Elizabeth Dhokia, Blogger

White Bedroom
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Simple Color Palette

I just love the simple color palette of this bedroom; it creates a relaxing vibe that’s perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day. And, this is an easy look to recreate. Start with white paneled walls and a light wood floor. Then, add in bold black lamps, pillows and a throw. Some brass metal pieces add a touch of warmth to the room, as well as a few small wood accents. - Bobbi Edwards, Interior Designer

Gray, Copper and White
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Gray, Copper and White

We always advise our clients to go for more muted colors in the bedroom, to get a good night’s sleep, as it’s been proven that too much visual stimulation before bed can lead to restless sleep. That’s why we love this bedroom with its organic color scheme but with added interest in the split wall color. It’s a soothing bedroom we would fall asleep in straight away. - Fawn Interior Design Studio

Metallic Gray Bedroom
Michael Hunter Photography

Metallic Gray

A bedroom should reflect the personality of the homeowner and be a place where they can feel completely at ease. Neutral tones and soft metallic hues set the tone for an elegant and tranquil retreat. Warm grays, champagne, gold or silver, with a crisp white accent, create a haven for relaxation. I also love adding unexpected textures, such as fur, acrylic, and chain to the subtle feel of silk and velvet to enhance the drama in a space. - Whitnie Cypert, Interior Designer

Blue Bedroom
MuralsWallpaper, Aubergine Studios

Calming Blue & Gray

It is well-known that colors affect our brains and how we feel. For a bedroom, I’ve always recommended keeping the room as peaceful and relaxing as possible. We can create a peaceful setting by including natural materials such as wood, cotton, wool, raffia, etc. For the walls, whites, grays, or light blues will enhance the colors of these natural materials. Including items that make you happy in coordinated hues will help create the perfect space to recharge after a long day. - Eva Sanchez, Interior Designer

Patterned Color Schemes

Textured Autumnal
Mairi Helena

Textured Autumnal

Autumnal colors often mean golden yellows, warm browns and glowing oranges. Style these together and you will instantly add a warm, earthy feel-good glow to your home. This picture features my Mairi Helena Gray Tailor Thistle wallpaper and pillow which I’ve styled alongside a neutral soft gray and drawn on the warm yellow with the addition of a throw and pillows. Alternatively, pick one strong color, like the vibrant red leaf of a sycamore or Acer tree, to act as a contrasting burst of color. - Mairi Helena, Interior Designer

Mint Green Bedroom
Amie Freling

Mint, Gold & Geometric

If you think gray is just for adults, think again! This neutral hue can marry up with many colors to create a fresh, timeless look. I created this teen room by mixing grays in a variety of patterns and added bright fun accessories with a touch of gold. It all pops against the white furniture. - Amie Freling, Interior Design

We hope that we’ve given you lots of ideas for the perfect bedroom color scheme – which was your favorite? If you’re still unsure, why not try our quiz below to find out your ideal bedroom color scheme.