Reclaim Your Home: Back-to-School House Decluttering Tips

Sep 2, 2022

clean kitchen
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It’s been a summer full of sleepovers, messy play and making memories, but as the kids head back to school it’s time to turn your attention to your home once again. From the living room to their bedrooms, let us show you how some quick and easy decluttering can completely transform your interior by making it feel less like an after-school club and more like home again. Leaving the house on time for the school run? Well, that’s up to you…

The Entrance

tidy entrance hall
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Avoid family traffic by keeping this space as clear as possible. Start off by creating an area with some hooks for the family to their hang coats and backpacks as they enter so they don’t end up cluttering up the stairway. Afterall, it’s the entrance hall, not a wardrobe.

Whether it’s your porch or the hallway, consider some shoe storage. Not only will it make the mornings run more smoothly, but it’ll also stop anyone tripping over piles of school shoes as they leave in a rush.

Lastly, tidy up that console table and invest in a trinket tray. Knowing your keys will always be in the same place? Life changing.

The Living Room

neutral living room

It’s time to put the games consoles back where they belong. Pack up their games and put away the controllers. They’ve kept them quietly entertained for 6 weeks but now’s the time to reclaim your living room.

Clear your coffee table of any clutter and treat yourself to a bunch of fresh flowers in your favorite vase, it’s a small addition that’ll make a big difference.

The Kitchen

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In-between coffee mornings, breakfast play dates and making sleepover snacks for half the neighborhood, your kitchen is a hub of activity in the summertime. Give the heart of your home the attention it deserves once the kids head back to school.

Take inventory of everything in your refrigerator. Are you ever going to eat that jar of pickle? Check dates and dispose of anything that’s passed its best, you’d be surprised how much you can accumulate in one summer.

Whilst their drawings may be adorable, it’s time to consider if the refrigerator door the best place for them to live. One or two of your little one’s masterpieces can add a personal touch but if they’re starting to take over then it’s time to put some in a memory box.

Tidy Kitchen Must-Haves

The Bathroom

white bathroom

Organize their toiletries into clearly marked baskets and explain to them that everything has its place. A storage box for each family member will encourage them to keep their own little space organized.

Throw away any bath toys they’ve outgrown and keep the rest neatly stored away in a bathroom cabinet and whilst you’re there, treat yourself to some brand-new towels and your favorite toiletries, you’ve earned it.

The Bedrooms

girl's bedroom
Image courtesy of Bloomingville
Image courtesy of Bloomingville

Before they head back to school, organize their clothes and donate any they’ve grown out of to charity. Once you’ve sorted through their wardrobes, organize their clothes by activity: school, play, sports and miscellaneous. It’ll make getting ready each morning that little bit easier.

Involve your child and talk about your plans to declutter their bedroom. Instead of asking them about the toys they don’t want, ask them to tell you about their favorites. You’ll quickly learn which items they love and which ones they’ve forgotten about.

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