Let’s Spice Things Up: Pantone’s AW22 Color Trends

Sep 1, 2022

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It’s that time of the year again and The Pantone Color Institute (PCI) are back with their Fashion Color Trend Report where they forecast the season’s must-have hues.

Whether you’re a first-time decorator looking for the perfect palette or you simply want to turn the tables on your interior visions, we’ve got you covered. Sit back and discover how to style this season’s hottest shades in your home.

Spicy Mustard

Looking to brighten up your interior? Spicy Mustard is here to bring a touch of summer to your home this autumn. Just around the corner from gold, this sun-kissed shade will beam over you with a contagious amount of joy.

Pungently powerful, this deliciously rich hue is warming to the eye and pairs seamlessly with a plethora of shades from neutral tones to deep navy, and candy pinks. The perfect pop for your dining table, bathroom or even your bed, Spicy Mustard etches itself nicely onto your home essentials.

Cardamom Seed

It’s all about bringing the outdoors in and opting for an earthy palette is an easy place to start. Although this shade may seem formal, it screams decadence and will bring that extra touch of luxe to your interior.

Deep green can certainly make a statement when used right and there’s a wide variety of ways that Cardamom Seed can work in your home. Begin with updating your sofa with pillows and throws before diving into the deep end. Feel like making a statement? This leafy shade is perfect for transforming your walls and turning your home into a cozy woodland hideaway.

Turn up the heat this Autumn with Dragon Fire. This energetic shade strives for adventure and could either be refreshingly subtle or wonderfully daring in the home.

Orange can be quite polarizing but like with fashion, there’s always a method behind the madness. Start off simple with a glass vase or candle and let the light bounce off this sizzling shade so you can enjoy those summer sunsets all year round. Feeling braver? Transform your favorite reading nook with an accent chair and a sumptuously soft throw or create a feature wall with this feel-good shade.

Quiet Shade

Gray oozes elegance and the darker the hue, the more sophisticated it gets. Quiet Shade is a majestic, darker gray that is modest in its luxury and timeless in essence.

Throughout the past decade, gray has become the undisputed ruler of home decor. For a statement look, why not transform your ceiling with a chic charcoal tone? Paired with a neutral wall, it’s the perfect choice for creating a cozy space all year-round. Struggling to commit? Update your accessories with a mix-match of cool and deep gray tones, a popular choice for homebodies that are looking for sophisticated silhouettes.

Strawberry Cream

With the latest Barbiecore trend taking the world by a storm, Strawberry Cream is Pantone’s answer to all your childhood dreams. Pastel has already made it’s way back into our homes and this bubble-gum pink hue will make your home life that little bit sweeter.

Pile on the plush this season and update every corner of your home with sumptuously soft blankets and pillows. Pair different tones of pink with a variety of textures to create an effortlessly chic look that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.


Mysterious, sophisticated and oh so chic, Blueberry is here to take your interior to the next level. Like an old soul, this color may be mature and aloof but like a blueberry, you’ll soon find the vivaciousness within.

Navy blue is a timeless trend seen year-after-year as it’s become a go-to color for adding elements of gothic chic but with a sprinkling of vibrance. Create an irresistible sleeping space and opt for deep navy linen or go one step further with inky-toned wardrobes and drawers. These big pieces of furniture are here to make a statement and this wisdomous hue will transform your bedroom into a luxurious boudoir.

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