Rattan Decor: The Trend We’re Raving About

Jul 13, 2020

Rattan outdoor furniture
Broste Copenhagen

Blissfully bohemian, rattan decor is all the rage at the moment. Fabulous for sunny climates and warmer months rattan can be used both inside and out to bring a laidback feel to any space and we can’t get enough of it. Whether you want to go all out with this material, or just add a few new pieces, here’s the lowdown on how to ramp-up the rattan in the home…

Take it Outside

Rattan outdoor table and chairs

Rattan is one of the most classic and sought after garden furniture materials therefore it’s one of the easiest ways to add this look to your home. From pretty patio sets to full dining set ups, outdoor rattan furniture will never go out of style. For the full bohemian glam look opt for natural rattan ranges, or for more modern looks seek out gray, brown or black varieties that give this material a more contemporary edge. Real rattan furniture in the garden will take some care and it shouldn’t be left out in the elements. But if you’re looking for a more all-weather range, don’t panic, there’s plenty of chic faux rattan ranges around too.

Out of the Ordinary Furniture

Rattan shelving unit

Rattan doesn’t have to just be relegated to garden furniture, there’s plenty of room for this rustic material in the home too. A fantastic part of the rattan decor trend is using it in unusual places with headboards, benches and storage all getting the bohemian treatment. The rattan egg chair has become a trend in its own right in recent years and we’ve seen these cozy additions popping up in read nooks, living rooms and peaceful areas of gardens too.

Rattan headboard
Rattan hallway bench

A Little Accent

White rattan occasional chair

If you’re not sure on fully ramping up the rattan in your home, there are so many little swaps that can be made instead which will still bring the trend’s charming boho vibe to any space. Occasional chairs for living rooms or conservatories are practical as extra seating space as well as stylish and side tables are an even subtler furniture pieces that look fabulous in rattan.

Rattan storage cabinet
Rattan side table

The Finishing Touches

Rattan magazine rack
Rattan coat hooks

Rattan home accessories are the easiest way to add this look to your home and they can be moved around your interior or replaced once you want to change up your interior look further down the line. From rattan magazine racks and trays, to storage baskets and plant pots, these little rattan marvels are sometimes all you need to make a big impact.