Behind the Brand: TiiPii Bed

Jun 10, 2021

Established in 2015, co-founders Chantelle Flynn, Michael Merritt and Beau Spinks put their love of traveling and interior design together to form TiiPii Bed. As a luxury tipi brand from Australia with a passion for the great outdoors, they wanted to inspire both adults and children to kick back and relax outside. Co-founder Chantelle talks about inspiration, design and what 2021 has in store for the brand…

TiiPii Bed
TiiPii Bed

Describe the brand in three words. Luxurious, unique, and versatile.

Can you tell us the story of how TiiPii Bed came about? TiiPii Bed’s story began in 2015 whilst we were traveling around the world exploring all the inspiring places that we could possibly find. We started as three nomadic Australians with a desire for wanderlust, relaxation, and discovery.

Around this time, we were living in Bali, and often saw people tapping away on their laptops whilst lounging in a daybed around a chic pool. We soon realized that these were not busy holiday-makers unable to disconnect, but rather the expats of the island that had found the secret in creating the quintessential work-life balance and truly mastered it. Instantly captivated by this relaxing way of life, we were immersed in the idea of creating something beautiful, luxurious, and unique. A ‘one-of-a-kind design’ that could be easily enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, but made you instantly feel like you were on holiday. A serene space to rediscover yourself, disconnect from everything unimportant, and to intentionally reconnect with all that is.

What’s unique about a TiiPii Bed? TiiPii Bed has three collections: Classic, Bambino, and Deluxe. From chilling at home with our original Classic residential range or our adorable miniature Bambino children’s collection, to unwinding in a luxurious commercial setting with our Deluxe outdoor performance range, our unique designs allow you to immerse yourself into true relaxation mode. Being able to share the ethereal feeling of floating just above the ground with friends, family or solo gives a new meaning to wellness and balance in so many ways.

Another unique thing about our TiiPii Beds is that they conveniently flatten into canvas carry bags so you can transport them anywhere and store them away with ease in between seasonal use. You can also choose to pair it with one of our elegant tripod stands or simply free-hang it from a tree branch or a rustic beam. TiiPii Bed truly allows you to discover your world, one cozy nook at a time.

TiiPii Bed

Whose house or garden would you love to see one of your TiiPii Beds in?

We would love to see a TiiPii Bed in Gwyneth Paltrow’s garden. We admire all the work she has done in both her career and philanthropy paths, and appreciate her vision in wellness, health, travel, and all things good. We feel inspired to continue our brand mission of being mindful and always taking time to enjoy what’s really important in life and feel that our brand aesthetic and goals are very aligned with hers. We love to inspire people to focus on their wellness, motivations and what brings balance to their lives, and think she’s the perfect representation of this inspirational way of life too.

Where in the world would you love to be lounging on a TiiPii Bed?

We would love to take a TiiPii Bed to Bali, back to where it all began, as we still haven’t had a chance to return all of these years later to the magical island that sparked our inspiration in the first place. It would be truly beautiful to come full circle and experience a TiiPii Bed in Bali from a whole new perspective and place of growth all these years later, and with all that we have achieved. We have this little island to thank for our creativity and inspiration so to return and lounge in a TiiPii Bed would be heaven.

What’s been a highlight for the brand so far, and can you tell us one of your future ambitions?

Featuring and exhibiting our very own design in some of the most prestigious design fairs around the world such as Art Basel in Miami, Clerkenwell Design Week in London, and Maison & Objet in Paris, has been beyond our wildest dreams. We can’t wait to continue our travel endeavors and grow our exposure into all of these new and exciting markets, territories and fairs that celebrate beautiful design.
In the future (when the world reopens once again), we can’t wait to focus on the commercial realm even further and feature in a wide range of luxury hotels, wellness retreats, meditation resorts, farmhouses, rooftop restaurants, weddings, events and festivals.

What were your careers before you launched the brand?

Before we launched, we were working in the Engineering, Business Development and Interior Design sectors which worked out perfectly as a trio because we balance each other out and always bring different skill sets and point of views to the table within our partnership. All three of us had the same vision from the very start (which helps a lot) and knew the importance of building a strong team from our foundation upwards.

What does 2021 and beyond have in store for TiiPii Bed?

In 2021, we’re really excited about focusing on our positive environmental impact and sustainability plan further. Being Australian, this has always been of huge importance to us. We’re so grateful for the last 12 months’ success as that has allowed us to expand our team and really focus on key areas of our brand such as this. As a responsible company that’s inspired by all the beauty that nature has to offer, it’s so important to stay true to ourselves and ensure our business and design aspirations always align with the least impact to our environment, and then hopefully this works to inspire other brands to do the same.