Why Everyone’s Talking About Crystals

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From A-listers and wellbeing warriors to your colleagues at the water cooler, everyone is talking about crystals. Whether it’s about Instagram-sensation facial rollers, gemstone infused bottles or minerals you can carry around, it seems that the world has fallen for them. But just what do crystals actually do? For some, they’re powerful healing tools that can be used to direct, amplify and channel energy, for others they simply look great. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s plenty of ways to harness their abilities and as it’s a personal practice there’s no right or wrong way to use them. And if they make you feel good when you look at them, they’ve done their job.

With wellness being at the forefront of everyone’s minds as we enter a new decade, the idea of crystal healing has captured everyone’s imaginations. So there's never been a better time to get into them. We take a look into why everyone's fallen so hard for these pretty minerals.

Types of Crystals
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Types of Crystals

Whilst you don’t need to know every single property of every type of stone, it can help to explore a few and find out which crystals you should work with. Take some time to decide what you’d like to achieve, whether its career, love, health or wealth and find the stone that matches this goal to intensify your intention.

A purple stone said to be protective, healing & purifying, amethyst wards off ill wishes from others.

Clear Quartz
Considered as the 'master healer', it's said that clear quartz helps stimulate the immune system and balances out your entire body.

The premier stone of manifestation, citrine stones are known for eliminating negative energy from your life and in return encourage optimism, warmth & clarity.

Claiming to protect its owner from negative vibes, jasper encourages confidence, quick-thinking & bravery.

Deep black in color, obsidian is said to be intensely protective and may aid in detoxification.

Rose Quartz
Lovely & rosy in color and lovely in meaning. Said to help restore trust & harmony in all kinds of relationships, rose quartz can also help comfort during times of grief.

Magnificent in color, sapphires are the stones of wisdom & royalty. Known for their ability to attract prosperity & peace, it's said that sapphires can help with anxiety & insomnia.

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Turning your home into a high-vibe haven is easier than you think. Beyond being pretty to look at, crystals are here to bring the good vibrations home. From agate slices and ornaments to trinket boxes, flatware and prints, your crush on crystals can be shown in every room of your home. Even if you don't buy into the energy side of things, you can still benefit from them. So why not harness the positive vibes of these powerful stones in your home this year?

Now you’ve decided what your personal goals are and found a crystal that’s inline with them, it’s time to get to work. But before you get started there’s some maintenance. From 'charging' under a full moon (whilst crystals aren’t as fickle as your phone battery, experts say you should take the time to charge and infuse with new energy) to cleansing in a stream or burying in the ground for a week when you bring a new one home.

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