Rosenthal Meets Versace Celebrates 25 Years of Fashion Forward Tableware

Rosenthal meets Versace plates

Rosenthal and Versace are both brands synonymous with opulence and high quality. Unique in their own ways, Rosenthal renowned for their union of traditional and innovation alongside their international reputation and Versace for their world famous, instantly recognizable style, the brands joined forces in 1992. Creating luxury tableware collections which exuded the style of both brands ever since, 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of their celebrated collaboration. To pay homage to the ever popular designs and to celebrate this landmark, they have released a special anniversary collection. The LuxPad explores the Rosenthal meets Versace 25th Anniversary collection…

The brand’s creator Gianni Versace was one of the very first designers who understood the importance of developing a brand that had true lifestyle value. Believing that "Versace is a lifestyle and it should be an all-embracing decision for those who choose to adopt it", Gianni created a brand which is now not just synonymous with clothes but has become a state of mind for its loyal legion of fans across the world

Versace was first brought to the table by Rosenthal in 1993 under the watchful eye of Gianni Versace himself. It is a partnership which has seen the birth of many of the finest porcelain collections in the market each enriched with classic Versace prints and the collaboration is now celebrating its 25th anniversary. Gianni’s genius designs have now been brought into the future under the artistic direction of Donatella Versace, with her vision for the brand’s fashion collection translating beautifully into tableware motifs, making them instantly recognizable.

Versace Rosenthal 25th anniversary porcelain

To mark 25 years of fashion forward tableware, Rosenthal Meets Versace have created a celebratory collection of special pieces. A selection of 25 key designs from the past 25 years have been selected to adorn commemorative plates, cups and saucers to give a glimpse of brand’s rich pattern history. The historical designs sit alongside the newly launched Medusa Silver motif and the new pattern for 2018, La Scala del Palazzo.

The Medusa Silver design is an even more opulent take on the signature Versace Medusa logo in soft gray and black. Finished with delicate genuine silver detailing, it is a decadent nod to the renowned luxury of the brand. La Scala del Palazzo has been inspired by the scenic marble staircase which greets visitors to Versace’s Milanese palazzo, Via Gesù. The swirling metallic spirals and rich architectural style of the collection has been captured in an elegant green and pastel rose palette reminiscent of classic Italian palazzi facades. Both new designs sit harmoniously with the leading patterns of the past which have been captured in the rest of the 25 Years collection.