Fresh Picks: Home Fragrance with Paula Rooney

Mar 25, 2021

We’ve partnered with award-winning British luxury florist Paula Rooney to create an exclusive limited-edition scented candle as part of our AMARA Collaborations. Here, she shares the inspiration behind the fragrance and the secret to finding the perfect scent for your home…

What was the inspiration behind the scent?

One of my favorite childhood memories is making perfume from rose petals. I think scent can be so evocative and I love how the rose scent can bring me straight back to those precious childhood memories. Plus working in the industry that I do, it’s full of romance, and I wanted a scent that really spoke about me and my story.

Can you tell us about how you came to choose the scent for your candle?

I’m a big romantic at heart and so I wanted a scent that really spoke to that side of me and showcased all the work that we do. Most of our weddings are in the summer months and we use a lot of scented English roses, so for the candle we wanted a scent that evokes those memories. Summer is my favorite season so the smell of roses always takes me back to summer and our amazing couples and their incredible weddings.

How do you decide what fragrances make up the top, middle and bottom notes?

We chose geranium because it's one of our favorite foliages to use with roses for the scent and a lot of people will recognize that scent from beauty products. Adding in the lemon and apple scents break up the floral scents. We love to add fruits in our floral designs sometimes and we thought that they would be perfect accompaniments to the rose and geranium smells, and we added the musk to bring that earthy element to the mix.

Paula Rooney with flowers
Paula Rooney
Paula Rooney
Paula Rooney

You are known for your beautiful floral arrangements; what advice do you have to ensure the scented candle you choose complements your fresh flowers, rather than overpowers them?

I believe in layering scents so I don’t think that you can overpower them. The key is really keeping your candle in a different spot to your flowers, so maybe the candle on your mantelpiece and the flowers on the coffee table. It’s so lovely to come into a room and smell the different scents as you walk around the room and the different aromas as they blend together too.

Do you find yourself drawn to different candle scents at different times of the year?

Yes, definitely, but I also like different scents for different moods, so I will happily use a Christmas scented candle all year round. I think it depends on the mood you want to create and some scents are amazing when blended together.

What scent reminds you of spring?

Narcissi, paperwhites, and hyacinth.

Do you think certain scents work best in particular rooms?

Definitely. I think hallways suit a really fresh and inviting smell. In the bathroom, you want something relaxing such as lavender or eucalyptus, and in the living room, you want a scent that makes you feel cozy or adds to the mood - something a bit heavier and muskier.

What do you look for when buying a scented candle?

I think containers are important. Sometimes I will match a container to the decor of a room, but I think neutral candles in glass containers are perfect for any spot in the home and then it’s just down to your preferred scent.

Do you have any tips for getting the best fragrance or burn out of your scented candle? How can you best care for your candle?

The number one tip I have been given is to trim the wick every time the candle is lit. This helps stop the flame from getting too big and makes your wick last longer.

What is your favorite scented candle and why?

It’s got to be the Paula Rooney X AMARA scented candle, of course. It’s so evocative of my childhood memories, and also the memory of my wedding and all the lovely couples’ weddings that we have been honored to be a part of. Before this candle was created, my favorite scented candle was Diptyque Roses.

You’re buying a scented candle as a gift for someone – what fragrance is a safe choice?

I think rose is a good option as everyone loves the smell of roses. Anything with geraniums as well for me is a great choice.

The Paula Rooney X AMARA candle is available now.