The 10 Best Modern Flatware Sets to Give Your Table the Wow Factor

Sep 7, 2021

modern flatware sets
Casa Bugatti

Your table is set, the tableware is out, the glasses are sparkling and the linen is impeccably coordinated. There is so much advice out there on how to set a perfectly styled table, what centerpiece to go for and how to lay each place setting, but there are key areas of the table which, if ignored, can ruin your new look in an instant.

One of these areas is the flatware. How many of us are guilty of using the same flatware year after year whilst the rest of the table gets more regular updates? If it’s high time you refreshed your flatware collection to match the rest of your stylish table, here are our favorite modern flatware sets to instantly update your dining.

Goa by Cutipol

modern flatware sets

The Goa range by Cutipol is arguably one of the most popular flatware ranges in the world. Notoriously difficult to track down in certain colorways, it flies off of the shelves as soon as it comes into stock, making it as exclusive as it is coveted. With impossibly sleek shapes and contrasting resin handles, the original silver and black colorway is the ultimate in modern flatware sets.

Colorful Goa by Cutipol

modern flatware sets

So good we’ve named it twice. Over the years, the classic Goa black and silver colorway has been joined by a wide variety of statement shades like navy, pink, mint green and red and the metal heads have also been given a makeover with gold and rose gold versions now available. So why not go for modern and colorful?

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Rondo by Cutipol

modern flatware sets

Stunningly simple, Rondo has subtle angular curves to bring modern flair to any table setting. Available in four color variations, it oozes sophistication and it’s so simple it can also be a fresh update for more traditional tableware. Versatility at its finest.

Keytlery by Seletti

gold flatware set that looks like a key

Seletti are nothing if not unique and this signature style of course extends to their flatware. Clunky metal key designs are not modern per se, but when turned into eye-catching Keytlery are just what your statement table setting needs. Whimsical in design, they are modern with a twist of the traditional and are certain to be instant talking points at the dinner table. Available in modern gold finish, they are without a doubt one of the most unique modern flatware designs out there.

Hune by Broste Copenhagen

modern flatware sets
Broste Copenhagen

Other key hues seen more and more on modern flatware designs now include the ever-popular copper and super sleek matt black. The effortlessly cool Scandinavian Hune flatware from Broste Copenhagen is available in both these fabulous shades along with the classic silver for you to bring a healthy dose of Scandi to the dinner table. With smooth, sleek handles and a subtly angled edge, it is a fresh update which will stand the design test of time for years to come.

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Moon by Cutipol


Nearly identical to the ever popular Goa range, Moon is its all metal sister and also deserves a place on the list of top modern flatware sets. In a selection of shiny and matt metallic finishes, it can even be mixed with the Goa range to create a truly unique table setting.

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Ares by Casa Bugatti

white and gold flatware on a round marble placemat and black tablecloth
Casa Bugatti

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Broadway by Essentials


Another beautifully modern flatware range from Essentials is Broadway which looks straight out of a painfully trendy New York restaurant. In a shiny black finish, which is a rarity for black flatware as most are matt, it has a chic patent quality which will set your table apart from the rest. Elegantly thin, it’s a strikingly modern flatware set to add some drama to meal times.

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Duna by Cutipol

The elegance of the knife in this flatware set takes the design of the Duna range to new heights and it uniquely contrasts with the angular handles of the rest of the utensils in collection. Particularly striking in matt black, it’s a modern classic and will always be a winner for us.

Mood Flatware Eggs by Chistofle


So this set is less about the flatware itself and all about the presentation. Do you want your flatware to really make a splash at dinner? Then why not serve it before the first course in its own egg-shaped display case. Wildly indulgent, this Christofle set has cracked the market and is the next big thing in flatware design.

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