How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep Using Aromatherapy

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You spend around one third of your life in bed, so it only makes sense to create a relaxing haven. From a decadent duvet and perfect cushions to silky soft sheets, every element of your bedroom should be there to enable a great night’s sleep. By introducing aromatherapy into the bedroom, you’ll find escaping everyday stresses a breeze and reap the many health and wellbeing benefits of embracing healing scents.

The world of aromatherapy and home fragrance can be confusing and you can easily get lost in the nuances. We’ve made things simple by focusing on the fragrances that have been made to help you relax. Which is what we’re aiming for at bedtime.

We’re all different and we all switch off in different ways. Some need a little extra help to leave the day behind whereas others will seamlessly nod off instantly. With this in mind, we’ve described three different types of personalities and matched them with the fragrances that would suit them best.

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The Sanctuary Seeker

You’re always on the hunt for a bit of “me-time” and love a little luxury. Your bedroom is a sanctuary where you’ll tend to unwind. Whether you’re in there for sleeping, reading or binge watching a new box set, snuggled in your duvet is your favourite place to be.

Lovely Lavender

Lovely Lavender

With calming properties that help control emotional stress, boost moods and soothe nerves, lavender encourages relaxation like no other scent. So it’s no surprise it’s the first fragrance that comes to mind when thinking about calming aromas. Infusing your bedroom with a lavender scent will help promote better sleep, which will mean you’ll wake up more alert and ready to attack the day.

Try: create a spa-like ambience by looking for lavender and rosemary blends, combined they’re the aromatherapy power couple with an ability to relax and relieve discomfort.

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Calming Chamomile

A warm and enduring scent, chamomile is calming to the senses and will often linger for hours. Reassuring, hypnotic and tension melting, the fragrance will have you thinking of apples, even though the flowers look like daisies. Famous for its sleep inducing qualities in tea, chamomile fragrance will also help you drift into the Land of Nod.

Try: chamomile blends wonderfully with almost anything. So if you’re a not a lover of it on its own try mixing with your favourite scent.

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The Busy Bee

You’re on the go all day, whether it’s with work or loved ones, the only time you get to be in your bedroom is at bedtime. You need a gentle fragrance that will help you drift off but it’s going to need to be zesty enough to get you up and at ‘em in the morning.

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Brilliant Bergamot

Known as happiness in a bottle, bergamot is a peppy little fragrance that’s an instant mood-booster. Its uplifting fragrance is perfect for clearing your mind, reducing stress and it also helps with digestion. If you need an instant pick-me-up bergamot will give you the boost that you’re looking for.

Try: keep your eyes peeled for bergamot in floral fragrances, it’s the perfect complement to your favourite bloom.

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Jolly Jasmine

Also used to calm nerves, jasmine is another perfect candidate for a bedroom fragrance. Like lavender, this aroma promotes better sleep and is deeply sedating to the nervous system, ensuring you’ll be more productive the following day. Jasmine is also commonly used as an anti-depressant and its uplifting capabilities will boost your mood, energy and optimism, so it’s perfect for those days when you need to focus on yourself.

Try: if the daily grind has left you feeling exhausted or fretful, surround yourself with jasmine, it will help you feel considerably less anxious.

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The Starry-Eyed

You’re looking for fragrance that will add a little drama and atmosphere. More boudoir than bedroom, your glamorous side is indulged in your bedroom with satin soft sheets and fluffy throws and you need a fragrance to match.

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Seductive Sandalwood

Warm, alluring and a little bit flirty, sandalwood captures the comforting feeling of being pulled into a familiar hug. A good starting point if you’re a fan of floral and vanilla fragrances, sandalwood is something a little richer, a little more mysterious and a little more sophisticated.

Try: enveloping yourself in sandalwood before bedtime will help set the mood and increase your ability to focus on relaxing.

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Tantalizing Tuberose

All at once sweet, heady and delicate, tuberose is your go-to fragrance for creating a captivating atmosphere. There’s no note in perfumery more carnal, creamy or contradicting. In fact, you’ll either love it or hate it. Coveted world over, in fact it takes over 3600 kilos of flowers to produce just half a kilo of the stuff.

Try: scent your room with tuberose before bedtime, its intoxicating fragrance actually triggers neurochemicals in the brain to send you off to sleep and keep you snoozing all the way until morning.