What’s the Healthiest Water Bottle to Use?


The UK uses around 13 billion plastic bottles every year and the NHS recommends that we drink eight glasses of water every day. These make reusable water bottles a great investment for you and the environment. However, the use of harmful plastics and the potential build up of bacteria is a health concern for some. So here is some advice on choosing the healthiest reusable water bottle.

Are reusable water bottles safe?

Buying a water bottle is a great way of helping you to stay hydrated and reduce your plastic waste. Yet some worry about the potentially harmful chemicals used to make the bottles and the dangerous build-up of bacteria after repeated uses.

Harmful chemicals in water bottles

The main chemical that causes concern is BPA. It’s been reported that this plastic, which is common in household products, can potentially cause hormonal damage or cancer. Although various studies into BPA have given inconclusive results, many plastics water bottles are now BPA-free so you can be sure they’re safe to use.

Dangerous build-up of bacteria

If they’re used regularly or left partially full of water, bacteria can build up and become potentially harmful. To help prevent this, most reusable bottles are now dishwasher safe and even contain technology that uses UV light to purify water and eliminate bacteria.

What are the benefits of water bottles?

As well as being more sustainable, water bottles look as cool on the outside as your water will be on the inside. Available in leak-free, slim designs, they can fit easily into a rucksack or handbag so you don’t have to buy plastic bottles of water as you travel. This has benefits for both your health and the planet.

Better for you

From the office to the gym, to the great outdoors, reusable water bottles are lightweight and sturdy. Perfect for keeping you hydrated on the move, they also keep your water cold enough to enjoy all day. As well as the health benefits of better hydration, such as better joints and skin, you’ll also save money by not buying single-use plastic bottles.

Better for the planet

It’s estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050 if we don’t reduce our plastic use. Reusable water bottles are a simple change you can make to make a positive impact on your own plastic consumption.

Are stainless steel water bottles safe?

Stainless steel bottles are one of the safest and sturdiest options available. As well as being resistant to bumps and knocks, stainless steel water bottles keep drinks cold for over 12 hours with double or triple-wall insulation. Hydro flasks can keep cold drinks chilled for even longer

Although they’re heavier and more expensive, a stainless steel water bottle is better than plastic alternatives if you’re looking for a long-lasting reusable bottle option.

What about plastic water bottles?

Are glass water bottles the best?

Often available in a soft silicone sleeve which helps to keep your water cool and your bottle protected, glass water bottles are a stylish reusable option. Also dishwasher safe and BPA-free, they’re available in a range of colors and designs. Lightweight and shatterproof, the sleeve makes it easy to grip and can be recycled along with the bottle once you’re ready for an upgrade.

What’s the best water bottle for you?

With a range of designs and styles, there are plenty of reusable water bottles to choose from. By selecting a water bottle that’s BPA-free and easy to wash, you can make sure you’re not at risk from harmful chemicals or bacteria. This means you can enjoy the benefits of staying hydrated on the move and reduce your environmental impact with an easy-to-carry, durable reusable water bottle.