Right By Your Bedside: A Guide to the Best Tables

Apr 28, 2021

A bedside table is a unique piece of furniture because of the fact that it has to be both functional and stylish. Whether it’s a handy cabinet or a small set of drawers to keep all your go-to-bed essentials nearby, the table not only needs to fit in with your decor but be small enough to slot into a tricky space too. So if you want something modern and on-trend or a piece that’s subtle and functional, here’s a guide to finding your ideal bedside table.

Keeping Your Essentials Tidy

Despite its name, the bedside table is more than just a place to rest your glass of water at night. With handy open compartments, drawers and even little cupboards, it can be a great place to store essentials such as books, painkillers or phone chargers. Plus, although it may only take up a small space in your bedroom, the bedside table can be a stylish feature all on its own. Choose a plain white cupboard that can hold an eye-catching lamp on the top surface, then use the open compartment to display a pot plant, some framed prints or special ornaments. You can then hide away any not-so-pretty essentials in the cupboard for a storage solution that matches the rest of your decor.

A Table That Fits in Your Space

If you’ve got a small bedroom, then finding a bedside table that fits all your stuff and your space can be tricky. Tall and narrow side tables with multiple shelves are a good option here, or, if you’re looking for something more modern and space-saving, then a wall-mounted table could be suitable. If you’ve only got space for a bedside table on one side of your bed and not the other but have got two or more people’s essentials to fit in it, then consider finding a long and slim chest of drawers or a low table with a cupboard that you could place at the foot of the bed. That way you’ve got a space to store all your essentials without it getting in your way as you get in and out of bed.

Styled to Suit Your Decor

Whether you have a glamorous boudoir or a small and stylish sleep space, there’s a bedside table to suit your style. From the most simple and functional designs to pieces that are contemporary and striking, bedside tables also give you an opportunity to introduce new colors, shapes and textures into your space. If you’ve gone for a white or neutral color scheme, choose a brightly colored bedside table to add in an interesting focal point. If you’ve chosen mainly metals for your bed frame and furniture, why not introduce a painted or plain wooden table as an alternative texture? Just this one small feature can make a stylish and interesting contrast that adds the perfect finishing touch to your room.

Find Your Best Bedside Table

When you’re choosing a bedside table for your room, it’s worth keeping a few elements in mind:

  • Size: make sure you measure up the space that the table will be sat in and match up the dimensions with your final table choice so it’s a perfect fit.

  • Material: as well as matching the scheme of your room, choose a material that’s sturdy and practical enough for the way you live. Although it might look amazing, a metal or glass side table is probably not the best option for a children’s room...

  • Storage: are your essentials small enough to fit in a single drawer or do you need more space with multiple shelves or cupboards?

  • Style: there are an endless number of bedside table styles, so why not use this small piece of furniture to make a striking statement or contrast within your space?

Whether you use your bedside table as a functional piece of storage or decide to make a feature of it, these pieces offer a great opportunity to add a unique finishing touch to your bedroom.