How to Decorate Your First Home For Christmas

Nov 23, 2022

staircase decorated for christmas
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One of the greatest milestones of moving into your own place is decorating for Christmas. The excitement that comes with choosing those first special Christmas decorations is all part of making a house a home. We share our top tips on how to decorate your first home for Christmas...

Start With the Basics

Designed by AMARA Christmas

Arguably the main attraction of any festive interior is the Christmas tree. Since the introduction of artificial Christmas trees, the war has raged on whether real or artificial Christmas trees are the better option for our homes and the planet. Essentially this all comes down to personal preference as there are pros and cons to both. Choosing a fresh Christmas tree each year will fill your interior with that authentic pine scent whilst having an artificial Christmas tree to hand year on year means you’ll always have a perfectly luscious tree.

Let Your Tree Shine

Once you’ve picked your tree it’s time to decorate. Collecting enough decorations to fill a 6ft Christmas tree from scratch can seem daunting but if you approach in layers, you will have the perfect amount in no time. One of the most important yet easiest places to start is lighting. The golden rule is to allow 100 lights for every foot and a half of tree meaning a 6ft Christmas tree would require around 400 fairy lights to really shine. Whether you prefer plug-in or battery operated, warm white or cool white, no Christmas tree is complete without twinkling Christmas lights.

Pick Your Palette

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Your Christmas color scheme is where you can choose to be as traditional or contemporary as you wish. Gold, red and green or silver and white are classic choices but in recent years there has been an influx of new color choices with ornaments and tree decorations released in more unusual shades which shows anything goes when creating your own Christmas look.

Grab Christmas by the Baubles

The base of any Christmas tree color scheme is the classic Christmas bauble which forms the foundation of any festive theme. Once you have selected your color scheme, invest in a bauble set in the core shade which can be spread evenly throughout the tree. The beauty of bauble sets is that they contain a selection of designs and finishes which will look effortlessly styled when evenly scattered.

The final step to decorating your Christmas tree is to find those statement Christmas tree decorations, a collection of unique baubles you can add to year on year. Be careful not to go overboard and remember to finish off the look with a striking Christmas tree topper.

Deck the Halls

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Although the perfect place to start when you decorate your first home for Christmas, it’s not all about the tree. A Christmas wreath is an essential festive accessory for your first home as it is a simple yet statement addition. Not just for the front door, wreaths can also be utilized throughout the home, suspended on mirrors or on internal doors. A small selection of garlands and Christmas ornaments will go a long way in making your house feel like home. Drape garlands over banisters, shelves or mantelpieces and scatter ornaments on coffee tables and other selective surfaces to finish your first festive look.

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