Barbecue Buying Guide

Are you barbecue ready? If you’re not quite sure where to start and feeling a little scorched by all the choice, we’ve got just

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What Are the Different Types of Barbecue?


  • Gas barbecues offer convenience, flexibility and are ready to fire up in moments
  • They also offer great heat regulation, so you can have more control over how and what you cook and some also have multiple burners
  • Less portable due to their larger size, however table top versions are available in smaller sizes
  • You’ll have to invest in gas to get your barbecue cooking. You’ll be able to purchase propane, butane or ‘patio gas’ from your local garden or camping shop


  • Ultra-portable and great for camping or taking to the beach
  • Charcoal barbecues are slow starters and you’ll have to plan ahead – you’ll need to light the barbecue around 40 minutes before you think about cooking
  • Cooks from heat glowing from the embers – great for giving food that classic barbecued appearance and taste
  • Cleaning can get more complicated due to ashes
  • Choosing a barbecue with a lid with air vents will help to control the temperature as the heat reduces if no new air can get in and will rise when the vents are opened

Grill Types

  • Chrome-plated grills are smart-looking but need extra care when cleaning after use
  • Stainless steel grills are the easiest to clean and maintain and are more durable than chrome-plated types
  • Cast iron grills hold heat really well. It’s recommended you wipe it with cooking oil before and after use to prevent any rusting

What Size Do You Need?

Choosing what size will meet your needs is important. Whilst you may host a large family barbecue once a year, take time to consider what size will meet your needs more often. Barbecue cooking areas are measured in square centimetres (cm2).

As a rough guide:

1-4 People6-8 People 8+ People
Up to 1800cm22000cm2-2500cm2Over 2500cm2

What Else Do You Need?

  • We’d recommend you invest in a quality barbecue tool set. This usually includes tongs, fork and a spatula and it’ll ensure you can take on even the meatiest of tasks
  • Protect yourself with gloves and an apron, this ensures your hands won’t get burnt and your clothes won’t get dirty
  • Keep your barbecue safe from the elements with a cover