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Lalique - Languedoc Vase - Green
Languedoc Vase - Green
£690.00 to £10,800.00
Lalique - Languedoc Vase - Purple
Languedoc Vase - Purple
£690.00 to £3,900.00
Lalique - Rayons Clear Vase
Rayons Clear Vase
£1,150.00 to £3,600.00
Lalique - Epis Vase
Epis Vase
Amara - Gobi Vase - Butter/Brown
Gobi Vase - Butter/Brown
£672.00 to £822.00
Lalique - Clear Ombelles Vase
Clear Ombelles Vase
£240.00 to £790.00
Pols Potten - Holland Souvenir Vase
Pols Potten
Holland Souvenir Vase
£354.00 to £749.00
Pols Potten - Zoo Souvenir Vase
Pols Potten
Zoo Souvenir Vase
£354.00 to £749.00
594 Products

Vases & Centrepieces

No table setting is complete without an eye-catching centrepiece to create an elegant finishing touch. With a wide selection of luxury vases and stands available in both contemporary and traditional styles, you are sure to find the right piece for your home. In decadent materials including mouth-blown glass, fine crystal and porcelain, Amara offers stylish designs from some of the world’s most luxurious brands.

Perfect for creating unique floral arrangements, there is a selection of vases and centrepieces that are simple in design and are ideal combined with vibrant flowers. The more decorative designs instantly brighten a table and look instantly chic with single colour floral arrangements.

Not just for flowers, luxury vases and centrepieces can hold a variety of decorative objects to create a dramatic setting. Anything from pine cones and fruit, to glass pebbles and stones make for fabulous displays and they can be altered for different occasions or seasons.

Wonderful gift ideas for any occasion but especially perfect for wedding or new home presents, luxury vases and centrepieces will make your dinner parties one to remember or will beautifully adorn your home all year round when filled with fresh flowers.