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Revol - Round Cocotte - Taupe
Round Cocotte - Taupe
£149.90 to £175.00
Revol - Round Cocotte - Satin White
Round Cocotte - Satin White
£149.90 to £175.00
knIndustrie - KnPro - Casserole
KnPro - Casserole
£88.00 to £126.00
knIndustrie - WhitePot - Low Casserole
knIndustrie - KnPro - Low Casserole

Pots & Pans

Cook in luxury with our selection of pots and pans. Crafted from high quality materials, the kitchen essentials take an indulgent finish and come in a variety of styles and colours, perfect for complementing a kitchen setting. Boasting non-stick surfaces and heat proof handles to easily manoeuvre, the stylish pieces can be used to serve guests directly at the dining table for ease without compromising.