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Fragrance Diffusers

Reed diffusers comprise a glass bottle, scented oil and natural reeds. The reeds are usually made from rattan, a fast-growing vine that is cut and dried. The inner core comprises many hollow tubes which allow the oil to be soaked up the reeds. Reeds should be reused with the same fragrance, as the oil permeates the reed itself.

The reeds are placed into the container, usually a glass bottle and filled with scented reed diffuser oil which travels through the hollow reeds allowing the scent to evaporate into the air. When the fragrance lessens, flip the reeds.

Reed diffusers will emit fragrance for several months, making them a lasting and popular home fragrance option. With a strong aesthetic appeal, reed diffusers are available in a myriad of shapes, scents and sizes and are incredibly versatile and safe to use, creating a tranquil and relaxing environment. Without the danger of a flame, reed diffusers make the perfect home fragrance alternative for bedrooms, bathrooms, nurseries and children’s bedrooms. As they can be left unattended they are also useful for use in a holiday home or letting properties.

A staple of home decoration today, they are popular with interior designers and home enthusiasts alike, whether creating a contemporary understated environment or a more traditional aesthetic. 

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