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Candle Accessories

Treat candles with the utmost care to ensure they last as long as possible with our luxury lighting & extinguishing accessories. Lighters are an ideal way to protect candle holders as the flame will remain at a consistent size at all times and will not burn the candle’s surrounds, they are also ideal for lighting multiple wicks. 

Available in a range of sleek designs from an array of top candle makers, lighters are a must-have for any candle lovers. For traditionalists there is an array of chic match holders and strikes which are perfect desk or fireplace accessories. From giant matches to standard sizes, there are stylish designs to keep them tidily together, for when you are in need of a relaxing scented candle or that cigar. 

Using a snuffer to extinguish candle flames protects against hot wax spattering onto skin or surrounding furnishings. With a range of fabulous snuffers available in both classic and quirky styles, they are swiftly becoming a design statement to permanently display in your home. Another much needed accessory for all candle lovers is a wick trimmer to ensure you get the most out of your purchases. Keeping wicks trimmed to half an inch in length will promote even burning and prevent smoke being emitted, making sure your candles last as long as they can.

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