Yuyu Bottle

Keep toasty from head to toe with a Yuyu Bottle. Simple, practical and eco-friendly, a Yuyu hot water bottle is the ultimate

Yuyu Bottle

Discontent with the design of the classic hot water bottle which allowed you to only heat certain areas of your body at a time, Richard Yu invented the world’s first long hot water bottle which are optimal to warm larger areas of your body at a time. The long and supple bodies of Yuyu Bottles sooth aches and pains, and can be wrapped around the neck or abdomen for a cosy and relaxing experience.

Covered in the finest of fabrics such as cashmere and merino wool, the bottles are made from Sri Lankan rubber which has come from the most respected and ethically responsible companies in the country. ISO certified, TUV certified & FSC accredited, these bottle are optimal in length and heat, due to the air bubbles along the surface which are better equipped to trap heat than classic hot water bottles.

Perfect for modern day hot water bottle lovers, these innovative designs will bring warmth and comfort to cold winter’s nights and will help ease stress and tension after a long day at work. 

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