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Yastik by Rifat Ozbek - Velvet & Ikat Blue Cushion - 60x50cm

Yastik by Rifat Ozbek

The first Yastik collection was created in 2005 by renowned fashion designer Rifat Özbek and his partner Erdal Karaman. The inspiration behind Yastik, which means cushion in Turkish, is to be luxuriously spoilt for choice with this ultimate interior accessory.

Rifat adds his own touch to each collection, constantly combining the eclectic & sumptuous, mixing motifs, shapes and colours from different cultures to create explosive patterns that are both unique & versatile. Each exotic fabric whether new or antique has been discovered by Rifat himself, by scouring Turkey & Central Asia. It is not just the front of the cushion that receives this special attention to detail but the back too, with both sides featuring different but complementing designs. Fragrant dried lavender is added to each soft down cushion pad which diffuses the soothing scent each time the cushion is leaned on, setting them apart from others & adding to the luxuriousness of these wonderful items.

Each decadent Yastik cushion is produced as a limited edition, demonstrating the exclusivity of the brand. Exotic new collections are released each season with never before seen prints, perfect for modern & traditional interiors alike.