Established in the late 1960s, Villari has become one of the best exponents of Italian Porcelain in the world. Each product is crafted in Italy by founders Cesare and Silvia Villari, who mould every design and prototype before it is exquisitely reproduced by their talented team. Drawing inspiration from Capodimonte and Italian Baroque stylings, each item to leave the Villari factory is instantly recognisable for its undeniable quality, authentic materials, attention to detail and refined style. Setting themselves apart from other brands, individual pieces are finished in the finest detail using costly paint based on special oils extracted from fir trees and lavender; with some then further enhanced by 18 carat gold, platinum or Swarovski crystals.

Signature Pieces

Explore exquisite designs details from 24ct gold leaf motifs to flower sculptures, across designs carefully crafted by hand.



Discover luxury designs across tableware and bathroom accessories, each the result of many hours of the finest craftsmanship.

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Villari Authenticity

All Villari items are signed by the artist, Cesare Villari, as a guarantee of their authenticity, and bear the fire-impressed trademark “Porcellane Villari” and the Capodimonte letter “N”, which denotes a particular style of Italian porcelain. Made entirely in Italy, Villari items are easily recognisable by their attention to detail and refinement.

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