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Sofia Cashmere - Classic Robe - Grey
Classic Robe - Grey £234.00 £187.20
Sofia Cashmere - Cable Robe - Grey
Cable Robe - Grey £434.00 £347.20
Sofia Cashmere - Romagna Travel Set - Burgundy
Sofia Cashmere - Zip Sweatshirt - Grey
Zip Sweatshirt - Grey £159.00 £127.20
Sofia Cashmere - Cable Robe - Oatmeal
Cable Robe - Oatmeal £434.00 £347.20
Sofia Cashmere - Cashmere Boxer Shorts - Grey
Sofia Cashmere - Kangaroo Grey Lounger
Kangaroo Grey Lounger £300.00 £240.00
Sofia Cashmere - Romagna Travel Set - Pink
Romagna Travel Set - Pink £367.00 £165.15
Sofia Cashmere - Crew Neck Jumper With Pockets - Grey
Sofia Cashmere - Lounge Trousers - Grey
Lounge Trousers - Grey £184.00 £147.20

Sofia Cashmere

Based in New York and with over 60 years of experience in the industry, Sofia Cashmere remains the finest cashmere company in the world. By acquiring only the most exclusive cashmere fibres in long lengths to resist pilling, they can boast throws & loungeware of the softest touch that will retain strength and shape for many years to come.

The extensive process of creating each Sofia Cashmere product is in place to ensure premium quality and standards every step of the way. This practice begins by acquiring only the finest raw materials from Mongolian & Chinese cashmere goats. Collected fibres are then spun using the mule method (one of the oldest methods in the industry) by world renowned cashmere spinners Todd & Duncan at their Loch Leven site in Kinross, Scotland, to create the lavish yarns that form these fabulous pieces.

Sofia Cashmere is not just a brand, but a lifestyle concept; their luxury products are bought by only the most discerning speciality stores throughout the world and bring enduring classic styling to all who own these exquisite pieces.

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