Simple Things

Simple Things know how important it is to be cosy. Lightweight & breathable, each throw is made from 100% baby alpaca fur which

Simple Things

Inspired by an encounter with some alpacas in the West of Ireland, Simple Things was created. Conceived in Ireland and born in Peru, where the best breeding ensures top of the class animals, the company began producing luxurious textiles made from 100% alpaca wool.

Supporting social responsibility by ensuring farmers are paid fairly, Simple Things take pride in the alpaca and they are never killed for their fur, it is instead wool is gathered through a lifetime of shearing and fur collected once the animal has died naturally. Alpaca wool is lightweight, breathable and wonderfully fine, ideal for making household accessories. The indulgently soft texture, teamed with the lack of lanolin content making it hypoallergenic and hard wearing elements, ensure it is suitable for babies and sensitive skin. The fur can be naturally dyed to produce these stunning household additions in a range of colours. 

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