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The Beginnings

The story of Sia is no less than a modern fairy tale. It was 1963 when Swedish homemaker Sonja Ingegerd Andersson was asked to come up with a paper flower design for Femina magazine. The project was a massive success and production quickly reached the thousands. Sonja recruited thirty women from all over Landskrona to help make the flowers.

Soon enough, Sonja met 16-year old Kjell Melander and considering a collaboration, suggesting he go to Germany to learn about textile printing. Meanwhile, Sonja restored an old house in Landskrona and made it the new SIA home. It had fourteen rooms in all, serving as offices, print shops, a warehouse, showroom, and a small retail store. The yard was spruced up with roses and grapes and with its green outdoor furniture, becoming their very own Garden of Eden - Lustgården.


The brand drew quite a crowd and in 1975, Sonja opened a store in Stockholm. Following this they opened showrooms in Goteborg and Stockholm, then in Denmark. As part of their expansion program, Sonja and Kjell began to quickly find someone to represent them in Norway. Once they were selling throughout Scandinavia, Sonja and Kjell started moving into the rest of Europe, including Switzerland, England, France and Italy. The Sia artificial flowers & home designs had proved to be a stylistic success.

Throughout their journey, Sonja and Kjell met people they liked, and the ventures grew from there. People first, then projects- this is how the Sia family grew and why there has always been such a special relationship among the people working for Sia around the world.

An international leader within the homeware and decoration industry and recognised above all for its floral art expertise, Sia works with glass, exquisite textiles, beautiful candles and lighting among many other accessories, crafting beautiful handmade pieces for your home.

Artificial Flowers

A designer like Sia can transform your home wherever you live and whatever the season. Sia is now synonymous with high quality home fashion, but is probably known best for one thing in particular; Sia artificial flowers. Bring the garden and tropics indoors, whatever time of year and whatever the weather outside. The Sia flowers collection is beautifully realistic and is perfect for adding the fresh flower look to your home without the hassle. Stems can be combined to create any combination or theme you desire, and can be enjoyed for months to come!

Scented Candles

The Sia candles collection offer exquisite style and simplicity using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Fresh for 2013, the aromas of Sia scented candles are a must for all discerning homeowners. Scents of orchid, iris, lotus and rose flowers are brought into the room in noticeably Sia-branded glass holders. This selection provides a quick and easy way to bring subtle fragrances to the home. As with all scented candles, they also offer the additional lighting benefits which can alter the atmosphere in a room with just a strike of a match.

Photo Frames

In this digital age, it is all too easy to just scroll through pictures on phones, tablets and cameras. And people have piles and piles of old photos kept out of sight in drawers and boxes. Sia photo frames provide a solution - a range of high quality frames so your photos can take pride of place and be displayed in the designer settings they fully deserve. Luxury, stylish photo frames can help keep those treasured photo memories alive. A beloved photo in a designer frame turns a simple gift into a luxury gift.


High quality glassware does not need to be tucked away in the cupboard for special occasions. Add a touch of luxury to your everyday dining, whether it’s with friends or family, with beautiful handmade Sia glassware.

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