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Listen to your favourite radio station or music with Ruark Audio. Multi award winning specialists in radios and music systems,
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Ruark Audio

Multi award winning specialists in radios and music systems, Ruark are setting a new benchmark for style and performance in audio products. Formally known as Vita Audio, Ruark have been working in the UK audio industry for over 30 years, initially creating high quality loudspeaker systems for music and audio enthusiasts. Through the loudspeaker brand of Ruark, these systems have long been sought after and admired world-wide.

In 2004 they made the decision to apply their expertise to design a small range of high quality radio based products. The development was called Vita Audio, but now with the huge interest and ever growing success they feel it is time for all of their products to be brought under one banner with the long-standing heritage of the company name of Ruark attached. Each Ruark radio features the exceptional quality of sound found in every product, with stylish casing and DAB, DAB+ and FM capabilities, to ensure a favoured radio station can be easily located.

Their super stylish and innovative audio products have quickly become recognised as the finest available winning numerous accolades and awards including  What Hi-Fi’s coveted ‘Best All-In-One Music System’ for the R4i model and ‘Best DAB/FM Radio’ for the R1 and have been awarded Best Overall Radio Brand at Which? Awards 2015.

Ruark’s wide range of audio systems are an investment which you will cherish and enjoy for years to come.


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