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Royal Delft - Double Heritage Mirror
Double Heritage Mirror £99.00 £49.50

Royal Delft

Royal Delft was established in 1653 & has since been the largest & most important producer of Delftware. The production process of Delft earthenware starts with the composition of the clay. It’s made up of ten raw materials which are imported from England, Norway, France & the Czech Republic. After the clay is fired in the kiln, it is decorated entirely by hand by delftware painters using brushes made from the hairs of martens & squirrels, and black paint containing cobalt oxide. A chemical reaction during the firing process changes the black paint into the vivid blue colour which Delftware is famous for.

With the Blue D1653 collection Royal Delft stays faithful to the traditional production process of delftware & marries it with contemporary influences. Modern Dutch designers invent and develop new products & take inspiration from the Royal Delft Master Painters to create products with distinct character that fit seamlessly into the modern home. 

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