Riedel's glass making history dates back to 1678 in northern Bohemia, and so far 11 generations have been involved in the family business. Over 300 years later, Riedel are continuing to make the finest wine glasses combining optimum glass shape, for maximum flavour delivery, with exquisite balance and looks.

To fully appreciate the different grape varieties and the subtle characteristics of individual wines, it is essential to have a glass which has a shape fine-tuned for the purpose. Riedel glassware achieves this. The shape is responsible for the quality and intensity of the bouquet and the flow of the wine, with each piece of glassware hand crafted and mouth blown. As French glass designer Maurice Marinot said a century ago: “I believe that a beautiful piece of handblown glass should contain as much as possible of the breath that created it”- and Riedel follow this religiously. Their glasses are renowned, a pleasure to drink from and are famous for changing the quality of your wine drinking experience. Indulge yourself!

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