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Pip Studio - French Vintage Towel
French Vintage Towel £14.00 to £30.00
Pip Studio - Hummingbirds Green Towel
Hummingbirds Green Towel £6.00 to £30.00
Pip Studio - Floral Fantasy Towel - Pink
Pip Studio - Hummingbirds Blue Towel
Hummingbirds Blue Towel £6.00 to £30.00
Pip Studio - Hummingbirds Lilac Towel
Hummingbirds Lilac Towel £6.00 to £30.00
Pip Studio - Hummingbirds Star White Towel
Pip Studio - Blooming Tails Towel - White
Blooming Tails Towel - White £8.00 to £30.00

Pip Studio - Bath Towels

Pip studio hails from Amsterdam and was created by product designer Anke, better known as Pip. The vintage floral styling, classic shapes, and pretty colours make Pip Studio's products a wonderful range for your home. The inspiration behind Pip Studio comes from designing products that Pip could never find but always wanted. These Pip towels are made to compliment the Pip Studios range of bathrobes and home accessories. Create the complete look with Pip Studio's whole range!

17 matching products, priced from £ 4.00 to £ 30.00

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