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Penhaligon’s London was established in 1870 by William Penhaligon, a flamboyant Englishman who took inspiration from the most unusual of places.  Wild, witty & creative, William dreamt up the first fragrance, Hammam Bouquet, after enjoying the rich aromas of his neighbouring Turkish baths. An innovative move in the Victorian era, Penhaligon’s still adopt Williams’s wild & discerning approach to fragrance to the present day.

Working with master perfumers in England, Penhaligon’s uses the finest ingredients to interpret ideas and create new & innovative fragrances. Each unique fragrance is blended from the highest quality sources & is traditionally built around a classic triangular structure with head, heart & base notes. With a passion to carry on his incredible legacy, the signature perfumes are housed in elegantly decorated bottles that reflect William’s original designs.

Wearing a Penhaligon’s perfume is a wonderfully personal experience that will be cherished by many; each scent interacts with the heat of skin to create a beautiful marriage between fragrance and wearer. As well as a luxurious catalogue of perfumes, Penhaligon’s boast a range of soaps, creams & shower gels which are all delicately scented to perfection and bring a touch of class & sophistication to everyday life. 

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