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Niki Jones

Niki Jones embraces this rich world of folk art & hand craft and gives it her own unique contemporary twist. Mixing old and new, serious and whimsical, functional and decorative, no two items in the Niki Jones collection are quite the same, with each telling its own unique story.

Committed to original design with an emphasis on quality and integrity Niki launched her eponymous collection in 2009. It quickly grew into an exciting & recognisable brand which can be seen in some of the most prestigious stores around the world. 

The collection takes inspiration from Niki’s discoveries whilst travelling the globe. Each design reflects her traditional Scottish roots where she discovered a love of craft & textiles, mixed with her adventurous and extensive travelling. She combines different cultural references with a love of traditional technique, natural materials, geometry and colour to create a distinctive collection of unique textiles and rugs. 


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