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55 Products

Mulberry Home

Amara has been working closely with Mulberry Home since our inception and we are pleased to say that we have an incredibly strong partnership with all those in the Mulberry Home team. So much so that for Christmas 2008 Mulberry Home produced “Hamish” the draught excluder exclusively for Amara.

Mulberry is a British design company renowned world-wide for its craftsmanship and quality; it has a clear vision is to be “THE” English lifestyle brand. The company was originally founded by Roger Saul in the 1970s in rural Somerset. Mulberry Home was created using its strength in leather goods as its foundation, to produce many very desirable products for the discerning home owner. Whether shopping for a cushion or a throw, doorstop or log basket, even wallpaper, Mulberry Home has a quintessentially English product that will meet your requirements.

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