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The Ladurée brand was founded when Louis Ernest Ladurée, a miller from the southwest of France, founded a bakery in 1862. Following a fire in 1871, the simple bakery transformed into a chic pastry shop with the interior decoration entrusted to Jules Chelet, a famous painter and poster artist. The ornately decorated pastry shop led to the discovery of the iconic Ladurée macaron when Pierre Desfontaines, Louis Ernest Ladurée’s grandson, took two macaron shells and joined them with a sweet ganache filling.

These brightly coloured, baked shells are the inspiration behind the Ladurée Beaute range of scented candles. Filled with indulgently sweet fragrances and emblematic Ladurée pastel colours, they come presented in beautiful china vessels. To ensure the taste lingers, stunning macaron inspired gifts have been created within the world-popular luxury Ladurée Secrets brand, filled with miniature macarons, Parisian icons and macaron coloured stationery.

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