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Kenneth Turner - Roman Column - Crystal
Roman Column - Crystal £73.00 £51.00
Kenneth Turner - Ivory Chapel Candle
Ivory Chapel Candle £7.50 £5.25
Kenneth Turner - Soiree - Hand Lotion
Soiree - Hand Lotion £20.00 £14.00
Kenneth Turner - Unscented Tealights - Set of 12
Kenneth Turner - Spirit - Hand Lotion
Spirit - Hand Lotion £20.00 £14.00
Kenneth Turner - Celebration - Hand Lotion
Celebration - Hand Lotion £20.00 £14.00
Kenneth Turner - Midsummer Nights - Hand Lotion
Kenneth Turner - Bubbly - Hand Lotion
Bubbly - Hand Lotion £20.00 £14.00
Kenneth Turner - The Curve Duo Candlestick
The Curve Duo Candlestick £415.00 £290.50
Kenneth Turner - Traditional Two Piece Windlight

Kenneth Turner

Kenneth Turner is a world renowned name in home fragrance, beginning his career over forty years ago. As a child growing up in Bangor, Northern Ireland, he always loved flowers and drew much of his future inspiration from his Grandfather’s garden.

He started out as a flower seller in an Oxford market, before realising his potential and moving to London. In 1970 he opened his first retail shop in Avery Row in the heart of Mayfair. During the seventies and eighties, Kenneth and his team created visual extravaganzas for events such as the opening of the Sackler wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Masked Ball in a Venetian Palazzo on the Grand Canal in Venice.

In 1986 he created his signature fragrance ‘Original’, a bench mark classic in terms of lifestyle fragrance it is commonly referred to as the ‘Chanel No. 5’ of the home fragrance market. In 1996, Kenneth Turner was awarded the Royal Warrant by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, as the exclusive supplier of fragrant candles and room fragrance. Still hugely popular, Kenneth Turner is constantly creating new ranges of luxury home fragrances and the company is proud to have included amongst its clients many of the European Royal Families, Heads of State and a glittering array of celebrities including Giorgio Armani, Donatella Versace, Sting, Cher, Lauren Barcall and Maria Schneider to name but a few.

Kenneth Turner has also produced a collection of high quality elegant crystalware and glass, designed to suit both traditional and contemporary tastes.

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