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Keith Brymer Jones - "Me Me Me" Bucket Mug
"Me Me Me" Bucket Mug £10.00 £5.00

Keith Brymer Jones

Keith Brymer Jones is a British ceramic designer and maker whose distinctive pieces have graced stylish homes for over two decades. Keith’s design philosophy focuses on creating modern pieces that are bold and simple, stylish yet traditional, pleasing to the eye and useful in the modern home.

He began his career entirely hand making unique domestic pieces in earthenware and porcelain, in which form and function combine to produce tactile modern ceramics durable enough for everyday use. Keith’s work was soon appreciated by major high street and boutique retailers alike; and he now also uses his expertise in his capacity as “Head of Design” for Make International where he designs and develops ceramic ranges under the Make brand.

Each Keith Brymer Jones ceramics range showcases his work as a pioneer of bringing traditional materials and methods in to contemporary use.

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