Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is an American designer renowned for his ‘happy chic’ approach to home furnishings and interior design. Originally specialising in hand crafted pottery, he first sold his designs to Barney’s in 1993, and then went on to open his first store in 1998.

Quickly opening more stores across America he also teamed up with Aid to Artisans, a non-profit organisation which helps artisans in developing countries to make products for the American market. All pottery items are still designed by Jonathan Adler but they are now handcrafted in Peru by skilled artisans using the finest materials and traditional production methods.

His eclectic collection of home accessories is ever expanding and now includes furniture to adorn your home with his unique and timeless designs. He has also been involved with many exciting projects and collaborations including being asked to design a real life Malibu Dream House to celebrate Barbie’s 50th Birthday. In 2011 Jonathan Adler opened his first UK store and collaborated with Lacoste creating their Holiday Collectors series polo shirts.

Jonathan Adler UK is a design company dedicated to bringing style, craft, joy, and a general feeling of grooviness to your home.

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