Iris Hantverk

Iris Hantverk is an inspirational company that employ visually impaired craftsmen to help them create their ergonomic household designs. Using time honoured techniques of traditional Swedish craftsmanship for more than a hundred years; they continue to draw each design by hand.

They make a wide variety of beautiful quality brushes, from bath brushes to scrubbing brushes, each featuring hand applied bristles.  Working with many prominent designers each brush feels great in hand and cleans superiorly, thanks to the specialist materials used.

Each Iris Hantverk item is made from natural materials that have been carefully selected for their many advantages. The brush bases are made from beautiful grained birch or beech and fitted with natural bristles; flexible horsehair for delicate objects, tough piassava for heavy-duty cleaning, and the softest goat hair for sensitive surfaces.

Keeping alive the tradition of handcrafted, beautiful & functional products Iris Hantverk’s many brush designs and household products help make everyday life a little brighter.

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