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Gingerlily - Silk Duvet Cover - Silver Grey
Silk Duvet Cover - Silver Grey £369.00 to £409.00
Gingerlily - Silk Fitted Sheet - Silver Grey
Silk Fitted Sheet - Silver Grey £213.00 to £250.00
Gingerlily - Silk Duvet Cover - Ivory
Silk Duvet Cover - Ivory £369.00 to £409.00
Gingerlily - Cocoa Duvet Cover
Cocoa Duvet Cover £369.00 to £409.00
Gingerlily - Windsor Bedspread - Nude
Windsor Bedspread - Nude £549.00 to £599.00
Gingerlily - Lace Pink Duvet Cover
Lace Pink Duvet Cover £389.00 to £469.00
Gingerlily - Geometric Embroidery Pillowcase
Gingerlily - Rubans Pillowcase - Gold
Rubans Pillowcase - Gold £62.00 to £82.00
Gingerlily - Rubans Duvet Cover - Sage
Rubans Duvet Cover - Sage £358.00 to £455.00
Gingerlily - Rubans Pillowcase - Sage
Rubans Pillowcase - Sage £62.00 to £82.00
Gingerlily - Lace Pink Pillow Case
Lace Pink Pillow Case £89.00 to £95.00
Gingerlily - Geometric Navy Silk Pillowcase
Geometric Navy Silk Pillowcase £28.00 to £82.00
Gingerlily - Geometric Navy Duvet Cover
Geometric Navy Duvet Cover £358.00 to £455.00
Gingerlily - Rubans Duvet Cover - Gold
Rubans Duvet Cover - Gold £358.00 to £455.00
Gingerlily - Silk Satin Dimple Cushion - Taupe
Gingerlily - Silk Wave Cushion - Taupe
Silk Wave Cushion - Taupe £77.00 £38.50
Gingerlily - Silk Cotton Fitted Sheet - Beige
Gingerlily - 100% Silk Filled Summer Duvet
100% Silk Filled Summer Duvet £169.00 to £179.00
Gingerlily - Plain Fitted Sheet - Pink
Plain Fitted Sheet - Pink £250.00 £125.00
58 Products


Gingerlily are recognised as a leading specialist in silk bed linen of the finest quality. Established in 2004 by Deborah and Celina, Gingerlily was created because there was a gap in the market for luxurious but healthy bedding. Gingerlily products are carefully crafted from the finest A grade long fibre mulberry silk. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic so it’s a healthy alternative to traditional bedding as well as being beautifully luxurious & stylish.

The company quickly expanded and Gingerlily products are now stocked throughout the world in leading retailers. Deborah and Celina are passionate about the quality of Gingerlily products, so each one is designed in-house with great attention to detail. The success of the company means they now offer a wide range of silk nightwear, bedspreads & mattress toppers as well as the original bedding & bed linen.

Silk is ideal for allergy sufferers, its soothing properties have been recognised for helping to prevent and aid the recovery of skin irritations, poor circulation, arthritis, asthma and night sweats. It also contains amino acids in common with our hair and skin, helping to retain its shine and to keep facial lines at bay. The perfect luxury material for bedding silk also adjusts to the individual’s body temperature to the ambient temperature in the room, helping to regulate body heat and keep it constant throughout the night.

Gingerlily continue to grow from strength to strength and have created a luxurious range of silk bed linen & more to give the ultimate night’s sleep.

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