Founded as a shirt making company in the college town of New Haven, Connecticut in 1949, GANT are renowned worldwide for their
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Bernard Gantmacher moved from the Ukraine to New York City in 1914, empty handed yet determined to succeed. He enrolled at Columbia University to train as a pharmacist and financed his studies by working night shifts in the Lower East Side Garment District. Whilst sewing shirt collars on these long shifts, Bernard discovered he was adept with a sewing machine and also met his future wife Rose, who was working as a button & buttonhole specialist.

The couple moved to New Haven, Connecticut in 1927, the centre of the booming textile industry. Bernard quickly set up a business as a sub-contractor making shirts for other companies, from this the GANT brand was born. GANT was soon recognised as a top shirt maker and partnered with some of the most notable brands of the time. GANT shirts were labelled with a diamond ‘G’ to convey to customers that they were getting that same high quality each time. The G-Shirt was soon so popular that demand far exceeded supply.

Bernard & Rose’s sons Marty and Elliot joined the brand after the Second World War and launched the button down shirt to overnight success. The combination of Bernard’s dedication to quality and his sons' sharp sense of style proved to be a winning formula, and over the years GANT has produced a range of innovative design features that have kept them at the height of clothing design. Their move into the exciting homeware industry began in 2010 and has proved extremely popular in this short time. With a key theme of classic Americana and bold embellishes such as stars, stripes & checks, the entire collection is a dedication to the brand’s history of enduring high quality & timeless style. 

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