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Fatboy - Doggielounge - Brown
Doggielounge - Brown £61.95 to £81.95
Fatboy - Doggielounge - Red
Doggielounge - Red £61.95 to £81.95
Fatboy - Doggielounge Stonewashed - Grey
Doggielounge Stonewashed - Grey £79.95 to £139.95
Fatboy - Doggielounge - Black
Doggielounge - Black £61.95 to £81.95
Fatboy - Doggielounge Stonewashed - Red
Fatboy - Doggielounge Stonewashed - Taupe
Fatboy - Doggielounge Stonewashed - Black
Fatboy - Doggielounge Stonewashed - Brown

Fatboy - Dog & Cat Beds

The Fatboy universe keeps expanding and is filled with remarkable sustainable and fun products that provoke and lift your spirit. They have an exciting range of ‘Fatboy friends' that fulfil many needs and demands of modern daily life, making it easy to survive in our concrete jungles around the globe. This includes the small and large verisions of Fatboy dog beds, also described as the Fatboy doggielounge! Available in a multitude of colours and designs, what could be more comforting for your pet other than their very own fatboy! All Fatboy dog bed products are delivered next day in the UK! Fatboy Doggielounge products are also delivered internationally - there is no need for anyone to miss out on their pets favourite Fatboy Dog Bed!