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Dualit - Classic Toaster - Polished
Classic Toaster - Polished £149.50 to £199.00
Dualit - Classic Toaster - Copper
Classic Toaster - Copper £119.60 to £159.20
Dualit - Classic Toaster - Red
Classic Toaster - Red £119.60 to £151.96
Dualit - Classic Heritage Toaster - Hicks Blue
Dualit - Classic Toaster - Clay - 4 Slot
Dualit - Warming Rack
Warming Rack £15.30
Dualit - Sandwich Cage
Sandwich Cage £15.30
Dualit - Studio Kettle
Studio Kettle £49.00
Dualit - Classic Toaster - Canvas White
Classic Toaster - Canvas White £119.60 to £159.20
Dualit - Classic Toaster - White
Classic Toaster - White £119.60 to £151.96
Dualit - Classic Toaster - Cobble Grey
Classic Toaster - Cobble Grey £119.60 to £159.20
Dualit - Studio Toaster
Studio Toaster £49.00 £39.20
Dualit - Classic Heritage Toaster - Citrine
Dualit - Classic Toaster - Black
Classic Toaster - Black £119.60 to £159.20
Dualit - Classic Heritage Toaster - Pearl
Classic Heritage Toaster - Pearl £119.60 to £151.96
Dualit - Classic Heritage Toaster - Theatre Red
Dualit - Classic Heritage Toaster - Dark Lead


Founded in 1945, Dualit has enjoyed 70 years of innovation and success. Breaking away from the mould, in 1946 Dualit produced the first patented flip-sided toaster to roaring success. Since 1946, Dualit has moved from strength to strength with 6 slot toasters in the 1950s, to waffle irons in the 1960s, to cordless kettles in the 1990s and a new range of countertop products in the 00s.

Inspired by invention, entrepreneurship and instinct, Dualit works hard to deliver quality to its customers. With all new products designed and engineered against strict criteria and tested rigorously, the Quality Process guarantees efficient and reliable kitchen appliances available to all customers. The roots in commercial restaurants and hotels prove the strength of Dualit designs which are built to last as well as to perform.

One of a handful of successful, independently-owned British manufacturers, the Gort-Barten family are still involved with Dualit and consequently, the same vision and passion exists now as it did 70 years ago. This vision becomes apparent in the high standards the company adheres to: namely the Ethical Sourcing Procedure and International Labour Organisation ethical standards. Additionally, despite new developments in engineering, Dualit is still aware of its environmental responsibilities and works hard to reduce the energy consumption of its products, as well as carrying out, and actively encouraging recycling across the UK.  

Dualit strives to deliver high quality, well-engineered products to its valued customers. The loyal and family-orientated workforce produce innovative toasters, kettles, coffee machines and other countertop products in a range of models and colours to bring retro style and smart technology to any kitchen space. Supported by a hard-won reputation amongst professional chefs, Dualit products – now nostalgically retro – are a must for every household.

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